My birthday was four days ago, smack dab in the middle of the week, hump day before a string of examinations and paper due dates. At first, it really didn’t feel much like a birthday. But I have the best friends in the whole world, and slowly but surely, starting with Porgy and Bess the weekend before, my birthday became a wonderful experience. There were cookout runs and trips to see Frozen (for the second time) at Cherrydale Cinema, lunches downtown at Trio, and even an excursion to paint pottery followed by tickets to see the Pauper Player’s truly stunning production of Les Miserables. And to top it off, my friends from across disciplines came together to provide me with a fish tank, fish food, water cleaning supplies, and a brand spanking new beautiful blue beta (yet to actually be in my possession, but it’s there) by the name of Sherlock Crick (though I will be calling him Crick).

Now I am awful with pet fish, always have been, but nonetheless I am ecstatic to have the new addition (or at this point, the promise of a new dorm room buddy and an empty tank on my desk). Why Crick, you ask? The friend who is loaning me the tank had a fish named Watson that died in a plane flight back to Ohio, and my first thought was to name the fish Crick after Watson and Crick, who discovered the double helical nature of DNA. I am such a dork. Everyone else around me thought Sherlock would have been a more appropriate first thought. While we’re on the topic of my new pet fish, I would like to point out that fish are allowed in the dorms, and if you, like me, miss your pets back home, a fish is a really great option, they’re low maintenance and fairly inexpensive. Just make sure that you, like me, have someone who lives locally that is willing to take care of the fish over any breaks or summer vacations!

On an entirely unrelated note, a birthday present in timing only, this weekend I received my official bid to become a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota, the Professional Music Fraternity (for women…..) that I have mentioned numerous times. It has been wonderful to get to know the sisters thus far, and I cannot wait to continue to do so. Recruitment for any sorority or fraternity is a very personal decision, and it is definitely one that I suggest taking seriously. I knew for my part that a social sorority, while I appreciate the bonds that are made and the philanthropy, was not my cup of tea, but that SAI, which incorporates the sisterhood with music related events and philanthropy and as well as extra education and performance opportunities, was a perfect fit. I have friends in social sororities, social fraternities, SAI, and PMA (the music fraternity for men), as well as many friends who chose not to go Greek at all. The decision can be a difficult one, but the most important thing at the end of the day is shouted by just about every sorority girl on the first day of the process: Remember, be yourself!

I will wrap up with a few pictures from my birthday activities below. Until the next!


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