Going to college is like learning to walk. There is a lot of anticipation, a lot of nerves and anxiety, and it’s difficult to stand up on your own two feet, but once you take that first step there’s no stopping you.

Me learning to walk back in 1995

Sometimes I wonder how I got to be here at Furman. I wonder how I found groups like the Shucker Leadership Group, the Mere Christianity Forum, and the Furman Futures program. I wonder how I found the opportunities, like writing this blog, or tutoring elementary school students as a work study job, or hosting prospective students for overnight visits and lunch visits. I wonder how I have the motivation to go to class, work, club meetings, CLPs, and still have enough energy and time to study. I wonder how I found so many great friends. I’m not saying that Furman is easy, but here at Furman things just seem to fall into place. Furman creates an environment that fosters involvement, and success.

Life is busy here. Sometimes in the afternoon, I look ahead to a busy evening filled with an CLP, a club meeting, dinner with friends, and an informal rush activity and panic about the busy night ahead of me. Then I realize that nothing I am doing is mandatory. I don’t have to go to any of these activities to be here. That’s when I realize that I actually WANT to go to all of these activities. Something about Furman makes me want to be involved, try new things, set goals for myself, and stay busy.

Life is definitely a balancing act, but once you find the perfect balance you realize that it is in fact possible to have a social life, to finish assignments for class, and to sleep. This weekend was the perfect balance between watching the football game, drafting a research paper, watching movies, studying for a chemistry test, going out to dinner, and catching up on some sleep.

My friends and me at the football game!

After the first few shaky steps, you can find a great balance at Furman. Life isn’t only about the academics (although that is important) but all aspects of life have a way of coming together to create a perfect, stable balance.

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