Alright y’all, I have had a revelation.

One of the reasons I decided to come to Furman is that I really saw the best opportunity for experience for the next four years of my life. However, I didn’t realize how hard it could be to grasp all of those experiences. Going full speed ahead all of the time with academics and involvement is good, but it has its drawbacks. For the past few weeks, I was feeling tired and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t floating absolute cloud nine anymore. I was hovering somewhere between cloud 6 and 7. Its not at all that I am depressed or think that I made a bad decision for schools, but I am worn out.

I haven’t been in a house for more than 2 hours at a time since august. I haven’t pet my dog since college began. The presence of the entirety of my family has been missing. I’ve never studied this hard in my life. I’ve never been faced with the challenge of staying this strong. Needless to say, it is time for Thanksgiving break.

How was I coping with all of this? Naps. I took naps galore. I found myself missing out on eating out with my friends. I missed fun events I was looking forward to. I don’t enjoy some of my favorite pass times because I felt like I just didn’t have time for any of it. If anyone who has been to college denies any of these feelings, they are lying. The transition for me was easy, but I didn’t expect this much perseverance to be necessary.


Hold on now, let me get to my point! I’m almost there, I swear. What I’m getting at is my philosophy class.

“Okay, really. I do not want to hear about your class…”

Oh, but you will. You see, I’ve come to realize what life is and what it should be like. Although we struggled to determine Human Essence, I would like to propose a psuedo-essence to consider.

Human thought is driven by the force of perception and understanding, which are the products of experience. Man’s capacity to think is what sets us apart from most of the rest of the universe, it is our quality that makes us unique. Therefore, human thought is distinct and unique to humans, which sets us apart. Trees are Trees because they are Treeing. Treeing is their essence. Humans are Human because they have Human Thought. So, if we pursue human thought, we pursue human essence. Thus, to deepen our thoughts and understanding, we must learn. The best way to learn is through experience, which is best done by taking advantage of your opportunities. Therefore, go clubbing.

“Okay. Now you lost me. Sam, you seemed moderately intelligent, but then you said ‘go clubbing’ and it killed your point.”

On the contrary, I think it provided a perfect example of my thesis.

Pursuit of human experience deepens the quality of life. So go clubbing. When your friend, Hayden, texts you to meet her and some friends as Dixie Tavern downtown, you put on a nice shirt and your dancing shoes and you go. When your friends pull the car over on the side of the Furman Mall, get in the car with your buddies and get late night donuts because you can. When you hear that your friends are going to be in the world premiere showing of the play “Pomp and Circumstance”, buy a ticket and enjoy. When given the option to sit through a CLP entitled “A Lady In the Streets and a Freak in The Bed”, you go with your friends and decipher the distinction between pornography and simple erotic art, while trying to be mature enough to not laugh at the begining. If someone walks into your room with a stocking, say yes to going to her sorority’s semi-formal dance. When you feel tired, get your butt off of your futon and go to the Homecoming bonfire; even though you probably shouldn’t have eaten a funnel cake, it was totally worth it. When stressed to prepare for interviews and complete homework, stop and get ice cream with your friend. Each moment is a gift. Use them. I’m proud to say that I did this week.

You will have time to study. You will have time sleep. You can spend your time being stressed about the assignments that, quite frankly, might not matter a week from now. Don’t get me wrong, academics are beyond important. However, college is an adventure, and I hope you are along for the ride. Give yourself a pep talk, get up and go. Every experience is worth every second.

That was not at all where I anticipated this blog post going, but c’est la vie (and I don’t even take French).

Later, Homies

Sam McCoy


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