Yes, the graduation march. Yes, the line from Othello. And yes, the most recent new work to grace the stage of The Playhouse (aka the trailer behind McAlister auditorium).

It has been an absolute privilege to rehearse and perform this play, written by an alum specifically for Furman Theatre. It is one of the dreams of any actor to be able to originate a role, to discover a character not yet discovered by anyone else, and to set a precedent for future portrayals. Very rarely are we given the chance to do so in college, and I know I speak for every member of our twenty person cast when I say that we could not be more honored to have such an opportunity.

That being said, we have three shows left, with limited seating available on Thursday (Friday and Saturday are sold out I am afraid!) and we would love to see as many people as possible packing our audience, albeit a small space (the theatre has been promised an official building for decades now, with no such luck). So come see us! We have had an amazing time building this world premiere from scratch, and it’s definitely worth watching!

Since I have dedicated this post to plugging for theatre, I might as well expand on what else The Playhouse has to offer in the near future. Yours truly will be working the soundboard for the Back to Basics Festival put on by the student-run Order of Furman Theatre in early December. This Festival is a collection of ten minute plays directed by Furman students, from serious, to funny, to absurd, to heartwarming– everyone should come out and see the vast amount of talent in Furman’s theatre department. In February, The Playhouse’s mainstage series continues with These Shining Lives (which believe me is beautiful and not to be missed) in February and The Imaginary Invalid (a comedy farce by famous playwright Moliere) in April. Furman theatre is alive with activity and talent, so come see all that we have to offer!

Alright, I am done plugging for my major. Until the next!



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