Last week was Furman University’s Annual Homecoming! It rightly is called the most magical time of the year.To see hundreds of students and Furman alumni back on campus feels…well, MAGICAL!

The entire campus was booming with life and it was an amazing sight to see. I had a wonderful time watching everyone engage in various homecoming activities, especially the float-building!


Here are some pictures that I took Friday night.

And here’s a picture of my wonderful Engaged Living Assistant Charlotte Holt with the very amazing Jason Pecorella!

Making s’mores at homecoming? Aww yisss!

On a completely unrelated note, my week kicked off to a great start as I went to this amazing comic book store and purchased lots of comics!

3. DIWALI – The festival of lights!
I am an International Student from India, and sometimes, I feel nostalgic thinking about the festivals we celebrated back home. But Furman never lets me feel like I am away from home! Last week, the ASIA club (Association of Students Interested in Asia) had a small Diwali celebration where they had professors explain what the Indian festival of Diwali is all about (I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know either!), Indian food (Woohoo!) and classical dance performances.
I felt at home with the celebrations even though they barely lasted an hour.
The giant banner at the main entrance saying “WELCOME HOME” is not lying!

Coming from India, I did not know what Homecoming Week meant until some days ago. But now, I know what it is all about – food, games, fun, floats, bonfire and most of all, the entire campus brimming with enthusiasm!
I had an absolutely wonderful time learning about the tradition of homecoming and celebrating it with fellow Paladins!

I hope you all have a wonderful post-Homecoming week. I know it is going to be hard to focus on academics after all that fun!
Until my next post,
Warm Love
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