I have two exams, four papers and tons of homework due next week.
Welcome, November.
I decided to do what I do almost every weekend. TIME OUT.
Since academics can make me freak out majorly every now and then, I like to just unwind on the weekends.

And since I got a super good grade on my First Year Seminar project, I decided to entitle myself to some fun!

On Friday night, I was really bored. I went to see one of my friends in the North Village, and we and his housemates decided to go MINI-GOLFING!
While I got enlightened about my mini-golfing skills (or the lack of them), my friends and I had a great time just hanging out together!

That very night, we wanted to go get some ice-cream as well, and so we headed downtown Greenville!
We spent some time walking around and went to see the Falls Park at night. It was utterly beautiful!


The next day, we all went to the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Greenville to grab some pizza.
Here is a picture of Andrew modelling with the pizza!

Finally, I took multiple naps on Sunday to give a perfect end to my so-called “time-out weekend”.
I had an amazing time with my friends and I am recharged for the coming week!



I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the coming week!
November sure sounds like a busy month, but I am sure there are many more “time-out weekends” to come!

Until my next post,
Warm love
Contact me at bhavya.sharma@furman.edu



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