After being at Furman for a few months now, I have discovered that I love to show off my campus. I get excited about any opportunity brag about my school. This past Friday, my grandparents brought three of my little cousins to visit me at Furman. I was lucky to get a great class schedule, especially on Fridays. Since I end class at 11:20 my weekend is longer than most student’s weekends are. My grandparents arrived with my cousins shortly after I finished class. I was amazed by their sheer excitement to eat in the Dining Hall. To an elementary school student, eating lunch on a college campus is a rare opportunity. To me, it has become a habit. Although I get the Furman Dining Hall experience almost 3 times a day 7 days a week, my cousins were thrilled with the opportunity to operate a soft serve ice cream machine, get seconds and thirds on DH cookies, and be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Friday afternoons in the dining hall. After lunch we had another exciting opportunity… visiting my dorm room. My cousins laughed at the idea that I am living in a room smaller than their own, and I’m sharing it! They were also very excited about the idea of the bell tower. We took a nice walk around the lake to visit the bell tower and the swans. We even got to experience standing underneath the bell tower as it rang. Eventually we headed downtown to experience Falls Park and one of downtown Greenville’s great restaurants. We finished off the visit with some of Mr. Poppington’s famous popcorn. At the end of the visit, my cousin Leah said “third great is fun, but college is better.” They didn’t want to leave Furman or Greenville. I was flattered that they were so excited about doing the things I get to do everyday.

David, Leah, Thora, my grandma, and me in the rose garden

My cousin, Leah, and I walking around the lake

Shopping in the bookstore!

Besides the visit from my cousins and grandparents, I have been busy filling my time with chemistry studying, philosophy readings, hikes in the mountains, fall festivals, and Halloween activities. I recently took a little road trip to Chimney Rock, North Carolina to see the beautiful leaves in the mountains. Although it was very cold, I am so glad that I made it to the mountains before all the leaves fell. For Halloween, I went downtown for dinner with a group of friends. It was a great way to celebrate.

Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Shannon, Elise, and I enjoying the view


Halloween Fun!


Kate is the only person that dressed up for dinner.

This week I also started tutoring with the America Reads/America Counts tutoring program. I go to a local Elementary school twice a week for a few hours to help kids with their homework and tutor them in subjects they are struggling with. After only two tutoring shifts I can already tell that I am going to love working there. I was placed in a 4th grade classroom. The kids are so excited about working with a college student. I think it is very grounding to go spend a few hours off campus. Although I love Furman, it’s nice to escape and surround yourself with people who aren’t between the ages of 18-21 every once in a while. Many of the students also speak Spanish so I have found a fun way to practice my language skills as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better as I tutor them.

Life here isn’t always perfect. Disasters do happen, even at Furman. I have been without a laptop for over 10 days now. Unfortunately I spilled some of my favorite pumpkin spiced chai tea on the keyboard of my brand new laptop. The bad news is I will be without a laptop for at least another few days. The good news is only the keyboard is damaged, so it’s an inexpensive fix. That’s the last time I drink tea anywhere near my computer. Luckily Furman has a plethora of computers for students to use. Whether you’re in Plyler (the science building), Furman Hall, or the library, you can find a computer to work on. I have actually found that I am more productive when I have to do all of my homework in the academic buildings. When disaster strikes, Furman is here to rescue!

This is currently the view from outside my dorm room window.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Please e-mail me if you have any questions about life as a freshman at Furman.


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