Some weeks/weekends are just the most idyllic things, and there is no good way to explain why other than by articulating what exactly happened. So I shall begin at the beginning, with my very busy and productive Monday. I started out my week feeling fairly lethargic and slow- and I could see the week building up in front of me at a pace I, quite frankly, did not appreciate. But then there’s band. I don’t know how to tell you all what band means to me, but when I sit amongst my friends and play my flute, it is like everything else around me disappears. It has been a struggle to figure out how to keep band in my schedule and still participate in theatre and all that I have committed to. But I have managed, albeit with some difficulties (I won’t be performing in the first band concert of the year), to remain a member of the band and it makes me so happy that I am able to do so. Band is followed in rapid succession by my flute lesson, which was particularly successful, and flute studio, which was a quick planning session for our section breakfast next weekend and no more.

The really wonderful thing about Wednesday is that it is the day that Furman has decided I just don’t need to breathe. After three classes in succession and a chemistry quiz (that went quite well, I might add), a group of my friends and I went to a CLP on whether or not Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus. While the answer was a definitive no, the hour long CLP was by far one of the most interesting I have been to all year (and it is my eighth of the year). One of the really indelible things that makes Furman stands out is how big, deep topics like religion, find themselves to be topics of discussion outside of the classroom, and can actually bring friends closer together.

I will admit that Thursday was a self-inflicted busy day. I had a meeting with my First Year Writing Seminar teacher, and we ended up talking for half an hour about children’s literature and how sad it is that many children do not receive any joy from reading. After that I spent lunch with a lovely friend who needed help studying for her theatre 101 exam. So here’s a tip: studying with another person makes everything easier and more enjoyable. Speaking of easier and more enjoyable, Thursday was also my first real chemistry lab- we created solid copper out of aqueous copper nitrate and iron powder! I felt like an alchemist, and it was definitely the coolest thing I have done in Chemistry so far. I was also able to celebrate Halloween with pizza and Nightmare Before Christmas with a group of theatre friends pre-rehearsal. I love Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s a unique twice a year tradition and to me traditions are quite important! It doesn’t matter who you share them with or where you are, they remind you that there are so many things in this world so worth looking forward to.

Friday I was up at five in the morning. Not because I had not yet gone to bed, or because I had an exam to be last minute cramming for. Friday was All-Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation in the Catholic church. So I put on a nice dress and made myself presentable for seven in the morning mass. The service was at a different church than I am used to- the homily was short, sweet, and to the point, and the stain glass windows were gorgeous and a refreshing change from Daniel Chapel. Then that evening, because rehearsal was cancelled, I was able to attend Sigma Alpha Iota’s semiformal. SAI is the music sorority (technically “professional women’s fraternity”) on campus and I am very interested in being recruited (it’s not rushing because it’s not a social sorority), so my friends took me and I had a wonderful time! It was so nice to get dressed up and go dancing and to get to know the girls who may (hopefully) end up being my future sisters in music.

As if I hadn’t have enough excitement, I spent Saturday morning helping to clean out the props room at The Playhouse and the evening getting all dressed up AGAIN and going and seeing the Greenville Symphony Orchestra perform my favorite symphony with the word symphony in its title, Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz. It was incredible, as was the white chocolate and mint hot chocolate I had from Coffee Underground I had with my friends afterwards.

So there is it is, a wonderful week and a wonderful weekend! Here’s to keeping busy!


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