Furman’s largest student organization is the Heller Service Corp.  Heller’s main focus is connecting student volunteers with over 50 local nonprofit organizations.  Heller also holds four events on campus each year, including this past weekend’s event, Fall Fest.  Fall Fest is an outreach event aimed at underprivileged elementary school aged children from the Greenville area.  The kids met at their respective schools and boarded a school bus bound for Furman.  Once at Furman, the kids met their escort, a Furman student volunteer who led them from activity to activity.  Other volunteers served at the different games and activities.  My job was photographer, so I got to capture the joyous grins of all the kids!  These are a few of my favorite photos from Fall Fest; I hope you enjoy them!

Bounce House Fun!

Sliding Fun!

Trick or Treating in the Residence Halls

Even heroes enjoy a good slide

Obstacle Course

Parachute Time!


Cotton candy was certainly a treat!

Fishing for prizes

Mario and Luigi


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