It’s that time of year. That one where everyone starts inexplicably craving pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg. The one where leaves change color and sweaters and scarves make their first appearances. My favorite time of year is from roughly the middle of October through until my birthday, which is at the very start of February. I’m the girl that loves tea and hot chocolate and soft blankets and curling up in warm places to read novels while watching the snow fall outside my window (which is really just a dream since I am from the land of the desert). The opportunity to pull out my favorite scarf and wear sweaters has been greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, with classes and rehearsals at a fever pitch, and still feeling under the weather, unlike many of my fellow bloggers I haven’t really been able to experience the season I love so much as much as I would like. I have a small pumpkin sitting on my desk, and my friend Sarah and I went and bought pumpkin ice cream at Marble Slab downtown after a day of shopping for more sweaters. But I haven’t carved pumpkins or jumped in many leaves. Oh well, my iconic fall dreams will have to wait for the conclusion of Pomp and Circumstance and my exams this week. Yeah, right. BecauseĀ I won’t end up having more to do after that!


Does anyone else think that Mast General Store downtown is just the coolest thing? Have you seen their mugs? Their scarves? It’s a pretty cool place to stop in, and it’s right with all the fantastic restaurants downtown, so it’s very convenient. My personal favorite is definitely all of the barrels of old fashioned candy. I become a kid in a candy store- literally. So definitely stop in next time you are downtown, it’s worth the visit to take a break from labs and rehearsals and whatever else brings stress into your life!

So I spent an hour and a half talking to my advisor the other day trying to figure out how I am going to graduate in four years. And in his defense, I haven’t made it easy on him. I am a theatre and neuroscience double major who would like to spend a fall semester in the British Isles and intends on playing her flute in symphonic band and private lessons all four years. I am stubborn and insistent that I will continue doing what I love, even if it means the occasional conflict, summer school session, or overload semester. I am of the opinion that as liberal arts students, we should take these four years to do as much as we can in as many places as we can. We have the unique opportunity to explore who we are through what we love to do. It’s a pretty special chance, and not one that comes around a lot. We might as well take advantage of it, right?



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