Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors of the leaves, I love pumpkin spice anything, I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, and I love tea, coffee, sweaters, and boots. Fall for Furman is a busy time of year. Although I’m missing fun fall activities at home, like the North Carolina state fair, pumpkin carving with my family, and decorating the house, there are ample fall activities here at Furman.

On Saturday morning I volunteered to greet prospective students for the Fall for Furman admissions event. Welcoming students only a year or two younger than me to my school was exciting. It feels like just yesterday that was me, a high school senior overwhelmed by college applications and life changing decisions. Only one short year later and all of those stressful times don’t seem to matter anymore. Over the past year, important decisions were made and luckily everything fell into place. I think you could say that I fell for Furman, and as I experience all Furman has to over I continue to fall for Furman.

On Saturday night I went to Denver Downs, a farm full of fall related activities, with some of my good friends on campus. We witnessed a beautiful sunset, got lost in a corn maze, went on a hay ride, roasted some marshmallows, and saw a group of newborn baby pigs.  It was some much needed relaxation time with good friends after a busy day of studying.

Me, Hayden, Shannon, Kate, and Elise with the gorgeous sunset

Lost in the Corn Maze!

The baby pigs!

I attended two interesting CLPs this week. On Monday night I saw the documentary Forks Over Knives, which addresses the correlation between our diet and health issues in America. Afterwards, we related the messages in the movie to our lives by learning about the Health Science department here at Furman and discussing the choices we can make in the Dining Hall to follow the advice given in the movie. I have found the CLP program here to be very enlightening. It forces us to learn things and discuss things that we wouldn’t normally think about. A few of the CLP events have sparked my interest in areas I had not considered before. After this CLP, I plan on learning more about the health science department because it may be something I would like to study. The second CLP I went to this week was about the liberal arts education in general. We watched a great movie called Liberal Arts, which brought up some important questions about the purpose of a liberal arts education and how it contributes to our development as humans. It gave me a different outlook on the education I am receiving here at Furman.

I’m looking forward to Fall-Fest and Halloween coming up next week! I hope you’re enjoying the fall as much as I am. Please e-mail me with any questions: Kjersti.kleine@furman.edu


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