In the words of my ghostly friends: Hello, y’all! Its a boo-tiful day!

And it really is. I just got back from doing some reading on the library porch as I looked across the beautiful lawn of fountains, flowers and Duncan Chapel. It is so hard to find my favorite view on campus because you can get so lost in the wonder and beauty of each. That is what happened to me for the past two weeks. If you noticed, I forgot to post a blog last week (NO WORRIES I WILL MAKE IT UP!). I guess I just got caught up in the moments that caught my eye and took me away. Seriously, Last weekend was like floating cloud nine.

Ihad a huge secret that I kept from y’all because I didn’t want the information being passed along because IT COULD RUIN EVERYTHING! I was asked to my first sorority function a couple of weeks ago while I was getting a slice of pizza in the DH. A member of the sorority Chi Omega asked me to attend their upcoming function, but I wasn’t going with her. In fact, I was going with her friend who wasn’t supposed to find out who I was! The function was called “Mystery Date”, so naturally it was supposed to remain a mystery. I had to keep the secret for almost 2 or 3 weeks. That was tough. But eventually I met my date and she and I travelled to Anderson, SC to go to a place called Denver Downs, which is a corn maze equipped with so many other fun fall activities. I guess much like getting lost in the moment, we definitely had our fair share of getting lost in the corn maze. ¬†We spent most of the night with my buddy John and his date, Carryl. We went on a hay ride and cooked marshmallows. You best believe we jammed to some music. We jumped on a giant pillow looking thing coming out of the ground (really, I can’t describe it any better) and we dominated the bean bag toss. It was seriously such a great time and was definitely a great introduction into Furman Greek Life.

John, Carryl, Lauren and I at Denver Downs!

The next night my friends and I went and watched as the Men’s Soccer team kicked some Elon University butt! It was such an incredible game. Even better than when Furman destroyed Clemson just a few days before. We hooted and hollered with one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen at a soccer game. Afterwards a bunch of us ventured downtown with three prospective students that just so happened to be staying with friends for unofficial visits. Naturally, we had to take them to Spill the Beans, the world’s best ice-cream/coffee shop located next to Falls Park in Downtown Greenville. I devoured my banana-peanut butter ice cream before all of us decided to spend some time on the bridge. It was so exciting to be able to speak to prospective students. It reminded me of the joy, excitement, timidity, unsureness and adventurousness that comes with looking at colleges.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve begun to take families to lunch and even host students overnight for the admissions department to be able to tell them about the school and even show them a little bit what Furman is like. I love seeing that look in someone’s eye when they realize how amazing this university is and how much of an impact it can have on you or your student. I could go on and on about this so I am going to terminate this part of the tangent before I write a 15 volume set on Furman. Let’s get back to my week!

This past week, I’ve been able to go to some super fun events. Just the past three nights, I’ve been to a choir concert by the Furman Singers and the Men’s and Women’s Chorale, I attended a CLP on Private versus Public Charities, went to a forum on developing Romantic Relationships, attended a rush event for a fraternity, explored new cuisine by indulging in some outrageously good Pho, and even had time to chill and read by the lake. Let me tell you, Furman’s music department is no joke. I honestly had forgotten I was at a college music concert midway through the performance because it was professional. No. Better. IT WAS FURMESSIONAL. Eh? Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t make up words to describe the new level of excellence that Furman students achieve, but sometimes its just so frustrating to always be left speechless. My friends absolutely killed it in the concert.

Ya know what, so much of Furman is FURMESSIONAL. I’ve met students who are political science majors and have already been working alongside congressmen and senators, I’ve met chemistry majors who are already published with research, I’ve met economics majors who have just returned from a global economic conference called the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, I’ve met FURMESSIONALITY in just about every Furman student.

Alright, it is time for me to sign off for this week, so don’t forget to email me f you need anything related to Furman!



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