I’m not quite ready to turn that page to the next chapter of my college career. This year is over, and it went by so fast. Finals are over, graduation is over…I am a sophomore.

As I watched Gilmore Girls on TV the other day, I reminisced as Rory, the main character, moved in for her first day at college. Choosing a college is a huge decision, but after making my decision and living a year at Furman, I know I picked the right school. I will embrace the time off this summer from the stresses of school, but I want to go back.

I’m going to entertain myself this summer, in my time apart from Furman, by working at Camp Greystone. As far as I’ve heard, I’ll never want to leave camp either, but I think that is acceptable.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Catch some fireflies, eat some ice cream, wear your sunscreen.

You can still email me if you so please. I know the best places to purchase all things from coat hangers, alarm clocks, to command strips, so my knowledge is invaluable. Also, you may have more dire questions that I would be happy to answer!


Brother Sister tricycle ride at Relay for Life

1 year down with these guys


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