Pats on the back. “See you in a few months!” A grunt from picking up the last heavy bags. The click of the door as it closes. Car engines turning over. These are the sounds of goodbye. I’ve watched almost all of my friends leave at this point; the last contingent left on Sunday after commencement. Only a few of us remain on hall. I’ve been lucky enough to snag a summer job here in Greenville and while I know the sadness will fade away as the freedom of summer sinks in, I’m stuck thinking about the last 8 months.

It’s a good thing, really, when you consider how much personal growth I’ve seen since I came to Furman. How do I even begin to unpack two semesters? I suppose I could start from my first blog post.

“I’ve lost precious hours of sleep in the process of meeting new people. You won’t hear me complaining, though! The new-found freedom has taken over the entire freshmen class by force. Excitement buzzes electrically through conversations. New friendships are forged between roommates, hallmates, and Furman freshmen from all over. I’ve already found it possible to fall more in love with Furman. Though I miss all of my friends dearly, I was meant to go to Furman.”

Well, I guess I was really excited about Furman when I got here. And the excitement is still there, in part, but it’s been placed elsewhere. For one, I can’t wait to have fewer, more meaningful friendships. If I gleaned anything from the Furman freshman experience it’s that you’re supposed to undergo extreme sensory overload. The flow of new people to meet never stopped. Clubs to join, sleep to lose, Cookout to eat. I can’t wait to get away from that.

Sure, it’s nice to feel like everyone knows you and that what you’re doing on campus gets talked about. That attention gets old, boring, and outdated, however, and I’m ready to move on. I want to study what I’m actually passionate about. I gathered a lot of information this year. Next year, then, should be about using that info to navigate unseen obstacles. There’s so much growth to be done. Cheers to a great building year in preparation for the three to come!

And cheers to closing a few doors along the way.

“I wish you enough.”


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