Finals Schminals

It’s almost finals, which means it already feels like finals, but you still have classes to attend, so it’s like finals but where you go to classes to get more work for more finals. It’s a contradictory phrase. The problem with Furman is that it’s in sunny beautiful South Carolina and I feel bad studying because I should be enjoying the weather, but I also feel bad enjoying the weather because I should be studying. SO I have a solution (actually 7) for you, so it feels like you are doing both. No FOMO for you!


  1. Study outside the library during food truck day. It’s kinda like you are at a picnic but the food tastes better than anything you could ever pack in a picnic basket, and also the whole school is there. But beware of interruptions from all your friends who never seem to have to study.
  2. When you aren’t good at those interruptions. Study on a second floor patio of Trone. Either the big one outside of Watkins or the small one by the FUSAB office and you will have both a quiet atmosphere and a view of the lake.
  3. Study on top of a mountain. At falls park. Near a lake. All of those are within driving distance to Furman and provide sufficient outdoor areas for studying. Of course bring the books because the computer won’t be necessary.
  4. When you need Wifi ride, your bike to TR for crepes, coffee, and calculus. See how I just slipped that calculus in there, when you are doing things like crepes and coffee, calculus is almost disguised enough to not ruin your whole day. Plus time on the swamp rabbit will totally satisfying your vitamin D deficiency.
  5. Have a friend at the Vinings OR live at the Vinings. #PoolLyfeStudying. My apartment is close enough where my wifi stretches, sure not everyone’s apartment is that close, but now you know to make friends with me.
  6. Move your workout outside. So this isn’t studying. But it is still productive. Sure the air conditioned pac is nice, and you won’t get to use your favorite elliptical that counts calories faster than the other ones, BUT you get to run around a lake AND the amphitheater is the perfect mid run stop for some quick calisthenics. #SacrificeForVitaminD
  7. Convince your teacher to have class outside. Seriously, then you get to cause the FOMO, not be susceptible to it. Sure it helps that I am a humanities major and most of my classes involve discussing literature BUT I did get my computer science class moved outside. Let me give you some phrases to help with the convincing “The sun helps to foster creativity . . .” “Vitamin D makes you happier . . .” “Let’s enjoy the beautiful landscaping  . . .”  “It won’t be loud because they already mowed this side of campus today . . .”


Ring by spring

I am so excited to announce to y’all that I got engaged this past Tuesday. Yes it’s true, I got engaged. Furman Engaged that is!

Lol, did y’all actually think I got engaged? To begin with, the only committed relationship I’ve ever been in is with pizza (food in general). Second of all, in the little while that you know me, do you think that I am ready to get engaged? Free as a bird, and single as a pringle, I continue my trip through life. However, I did have an awesome time at Furman Engaged! My day started early in the morning, because I had to set up my poster in the PAC by 8:45AM. Since the lovely chemistry department knows how much I enjoy waking up early and having to look presentable and show up on time, they assigned me the first poster session which went from 9AM to 10:20AM. In case you didn’t spot the sarcasm in this past sentence, I hate early morning. But research and science are worth the sacrifice.

FU engagedFor the past year and a half I have been working on solar cell science and specifically designing compounds that we can use as dyes for dye sensitized solar cells. What that means basically is that I spend hours in the lab synthesizing compounds with funky colors which can be attached to a solar cell surface, and create a beautiful colorful structure that can be used to decorate buildings and produce energy from the sun!!! Wow, that was a mouthful.

But Furman Engaged is more than just showing off all your work. You also get a peek into everyone’s pass time, passion, and investment. Often it is hard to realize how much time Furman students put into the things they love, and the things they are passionate about. There’s been so many times when people I meet get surprised at the fact that I am a chemistry major going into research. Most people think I am a communications major, or something more energetic/social because I tend to be loud and happy all the time, so it’s hard for them to picture me in a lab setting doing something seemingly boring. But, even though I think I could be good at communications studies (with a little bit of improvement of my English), chemistry amazes me and it keeps me interested in what I am doing. So here you go. Never judge a book by its cover. Always judge a poster by the way it looks though. Like, for real, if the research poster looks bad, just walk away. (Totally random but relative too somehow?)

Anyway, my day was followed by a lunch with my lab, walking around the rest of the posters for a while, a photo shoot for Furman’s view book (this literally came out of nowhere, they needed people last minute, so I decided to invest in my modeling career), a dinner/meeting with the Admission Ambassadors Exec, and a second dinner with my freshman roomie, friend, and future roomie, Maura!

As you can see I’m staying busy. Maybe it’s because I am trying to suck in all the Furman I can before I graduate next May…

It Snowed in Ohio Last Weekend (Literally Last Weekend . . . In April)

While I would be very hard pressed to find anyone in South Carolina who had not heard of Furman University, it is actually quite easy to find someone up in Hudson, Ohio who has not heard of Furman University. I mean like very easy. Like when I see Furman stickers on cars in my town’s grocery store parking lot, I camp out and wait until the owner of said car returns so that I can ambush them, and so that I can get so excited that I forget all sense of grammar and diction until I don’t sound like a college student at all, and then as the kind midwesterners that I am, leave with a coffee date planned, a phone number, and a new Facebook friend. What I am saying is that Furman is not as well known. This just means that I get the pleasure of explaining it to practically every estranged relative I have met (I am through explaining Furman to the non-estranged ones). And when I explain Furman I get to say the 5.5 magical words that changes everything. “Oh, it’s in South Carolina”. After these 5.5 words their eyes glaze over because they know that I have reached the promised land and nothing else matters.


While I hate to stereotype us Northeastern Ohioans, it is a known fact that when we are born we all get a Being an Ohioan guide and the first line in that guide is that South Carolina is the promise land. It is perhaps my favorite part of being from Ohio. We are so used to disappointment, whether that be in our sports or our weather (did I tell you it snowed last weekend . . . in APRIL?), that it takes very little to please us, just a 9 hour drive south is all it takes. And I, at the young age of 18, made it to the promise land. The land of palm trees, warm weather, and the root of all joy, it forces me to ask, can you overdose on Vitamin D? So knowing that my school is in South Carolina is enough. But I have come to become upset when no one will let me get past the beautiful weather part of my school. So because no one can interrupt me when I speak in blog format, I will tell you the top 10 reasons to love Furman . . . besides the weather.

10 Reasons Why I Love Furman Besides the Weather:

  1. My friends. The best part about any place is the people you are surrounded by, which is why it was so hard to leave home because I have the coolest family ever. But now I have another impossibly difficult family to leave. I have a family who through multiple semesters abroad has stayed close. I have friends that I voluntarily choose to live with, that’s more than I can say for my actual family. I have friends that drive me to the airport, that drive me to pick up my car, that walk through the dining hall hugging me because we are hungry but also want to hug each other and Furman students are really good at multitasking. Every day these friendships get stronger. Anything good strengthens with time, and each day these friendships strengthen.
  2. My professors. The best part about any place is the people you are surrounded by, which is why it was so hard to leave home because I had the coolest teachers ever. I went to boarding school, I lived with them, so I know what it is like to have engaged teachers. These professors are engaged. Let me tell you a story. One Monday night I got an email from Southwest where I had applied for an internship. I knew that they were flying me out to Dallas on Wednesday afternoon, but what I did not know was that they wanted me to come with two recommendation letters in hand. I freaked, needlessly. Needlessly because within 24 hours I had not two but three letters from professors who had not only written the letters but they had found time to meet with me about what this internship was, why I wanted said internship, and what qualified me for the internship. How cool is that?
  3. The Classics/German departments. I didn’t want to pick a favorite between the two and they are both so different. This is different from professors and friends because these departments are my home, filled with my professors and friends. They are may be small but they are mighty for their size. Small departments mean you know all your professors and they know you and what you want to do with your life, and they work around your schedule and then you also know all of their favorite types of cake. It also means that there can be frequent events at professors houses where we are surrounded by good company and even better, good food.
  4. Never having time for anything. Is this a con? Perhaps if you have FOMO it is, but the intense amount of events has cured me from FOMO, because if I am not at one event I am at another. With all my friends and departments and professors I feel in the loop to all the events going around Furman, and let me tell you they are never ending. I love my bed so much and therefore I am very thankful that there is always an event that is tempting enough to pull me from my bed because if there weren’t I would live there. #AlbertEinsteinNappedEveryDay #SoIShouldToo.
  5. The Coffee in the Modern Language Center. Both the Classics Department and the German Department is in Furman Hall, which means I am most of the time in Furman Hall. And when I have too many classes in one day, than this machine is a game changer. I am shocked it is not much further up on the list.  
  6. The mountains. On the same note as South Carolina having good weather and that is it, Ohioans think of South Carolina as the beach and that is it. How little do we know. South Carolina has mountains! I lived next to a national park in Ohio. Seriously 15 minutes down the road, and I loved hiking. This hiking is 300 times better than that ever was. Mountains are beautiful, who would have guessed? Beautiful mountains. And they are just like the beach but steeper and with waterfalls, and with the color green.
  7. Pauper Players. In my high school the plays/musicals were big. Seriously big . . . we weren’t the best at football. And the whole school would come out and we would all dress up to watch our classmates act. It was important to me to have that at Furman. And we have a theater department which offers these plays for CLP’s and which I have gone to and are always extremely well put on and very good. But I have a lot of sorority sisters who participate in the student run theater productions with a group called Pauper Players, I don’t tell them enough, but those events make my week/month/semester. It’s the same type of student support and love and vibe that was present in high school that I was afraid of missing in college.
  8. Food Truck Wednesday. Food Trucks come to our campus every Wednesday and we sit outside in the beautiful weather and eat food that we payed for with our meal plan! No explanation needed.
  9. The Nicest People Who Work in the Dining Hall. The other day I was craving rice krispie treats. They were not on the dessert bar. But when it was made known that I was in the mood for Rice Krispie Treats the dessert bar staff provided me with marshmallows and butter that I paired with the breakfast bar Rice Krispie’s to make my own Rice Krispie treats. And it was no questions asked. It was an of-course-if-you-want-to-make-Rice-Krispie-Treats-in-the-dining-hall-microwave-we-will-do-anything-we-can-to-make-that-happen-thing.
  10. CLP’s which are seriously fun, being able to study abroad twice which I learned on my college search isn’t always an option, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, Greenville and Travellers Rest being both the small town and the big city you wanted and both kinda being Furman’s, FUSAB concerts, Homecoming, all of the Staff at the PAC, my friends in my work out class, Safe Ride, all of FUPO really because they teach us self defense and they are patient with me, RLC handing out free food all the time which basically sustains me, the weirdly large amount of Ferris Wheels that populate campus at various times of the years, the amphitheater, we have an amphitheatre, around the lake, we have a lake, which has a bell tower, we have Bell Bower, a beautiful Bell Tower, and I needed this list to be top 99 reasons.
  11. The Weather. I am from Ohio, could I really not mention this, but I did give you 10 other reasons first. Seriously though, beautiful weather. I don’t feel the need to take Vitamin D pills. I am able to be joyous in February.  Other people can be joyous in February. We wear dresses to football games and I want to because most of the time it is hot. You can run outside 100% of the time if you are used to northern weather and 85% of the time if you are used to southern weather. Benches and picnic tables outside do not seem like a sick joke that were placed there just for other’s amusement, not actual use. It doesn’t snow in April.

Party Like It’s My Birthday

Except it was my birthday yesterday! It’s official, I’m 21. More like Twenty-Fun, am I right?

*insert disclaimer about drinking responsibly, because if I have to, so do you*

I started off my birthday with lunch at Chicora Alley downtown. Yeah, you know it’s a good day when you don’t do anything until noon and it only consists of you eating. And what else should you do on your birthday? Play with puppies! We had to have a quick trip to the Greenville Humane Society to play with their puppies. I am a firm believer that a day is not complete without petting at least one dog. Unfortunately, many of the past couple days have been puppy-less so I had to make up for them. And through doing this, I fell in love. With Kira, a beautiful 10 month old black retriever mix. She was perfect and if I was able to take care of her, you bet she would have been mine. However, I’m should not be in charge of a living animal permanently, and after checking the website later that night, we found out that Kira was actually adopted shortly after we left. So Kira is in a loving home already (because she was so perfect). And I was wanna say this, Kira, if you’re reading this, I miss you.

And then finally after weeks of rehearsal, I had my 10 minute play. And it went really well! People laughed! At appropriate times! It was great. It was a great self-esteem boost to my pseudo-actor self. Was it perfect? Obviously, I was in it. Nah. Will I win a Tony this year? Definitely, it’s in the bag. No. Did I have a great time? YES. And isn’t that all we can ask for in life?

Then we went downtown for dinner after the show to celebrate.

And what is the perfect way to end the night after all of this? You guessed it, watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Winter Is Dead.

Spring has sprung at Furman, and it is my favorite season of the year. I know it may seem cliche, because everyone and their mother knows that Furman is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country (see here, here, and here. But, here are a few of my favorite parts of springtime at Furman:

I know I am just the token #sentimentalsenior, but Furman really is beautiful. And there is a fresh energy that comes with spring to remind us of that. What is your favorite part of Furman in the spring?

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
‘Winter is dead.’” -A.A. Milne


A Long-Overdue Thank You Note to my Freshman Roomie

to my neat, preppy, always-on-time, unable-to-nap roomie,

We met at Summer Orientation when we were randomly paired together as roommates for the night. When you walked into the room, my first impression was “She seems normal!!!” Thank goodness, because if you hadn’t appeared as such, I probably would’ve run from the room screaming, jumped in the car… and driven straight back to Nashville.

Our first picture! Roughly 30 minutes after meeting, basically strangers.

Our first picture! Roughly 30 minutes after meeting, basically strangers.

I’m so thankful that our moms were so chatty, because they filled the silence as only moms can do — I’m pretty sure within the first fifteen minutes, they had covered all of the conversation preliminaries and had jumped right into “friends” territory.

Thanks for being willing and able to carry on a conversation, because apparently our teeny-tiny (because like 5 of the people didn’t show up) orientation group was full of very silent people.

Thanks for carrying on the texting conversation throughout the rest of June, and finally biting the bullet and asking me to be your roommate…because I was trying to figure out how to ask the same question.

The best text I've ever received.

The best text I’ve ever received. (Look at how formal our texting is!!)

“Thanks” for sending me updates of your perfectly packed and labeled things throughout the rest of the summer……..please note that I packed LITERALLY the night before we left for Greenville and am not really thanking you for this because you were so organized, and i was so…not. (A common theme in our friendship)

Sorry I ignored your requests for FaceTimes throughout the summer. I was very scared of you.

Thanks for being my buddy throughout the first few weeks and walking with me to the DH every morning….and afternoon…..and evening.

Start of school carnival -- we were eachother's only friend!!

Start of school carnival — we were each other’s only friend!!

Thanks for making a big deal out of my birthday and leaving me cute notes on our whiteboard when I’ve been up late studying.

Thanks for letting me tell you things about my home friends that no one else cares about, and thanks for knowing my family and their various quirks, so when I send you a picture of the fam group chat, you’ll know exactly why I find it funny.

Thank you for all of the late nights that feel more like a sleepover or summer camp than school, and thank you for letting me send you every single Odyssey article that applies to our roommat-ionship. Thanks for tagging me in puppy instagrams and sending out a Christmas card with me.

Thank you for abiding by the age old “if you clean the mirrors, I’ll kill the spiders” rule and for bringing me endless dry toast when I am sick. Thanks for putting up with my love of keeping the window open, and for letting me use your toothpaste for a week after I kept forgetting to buy my own.

Thank you for letting me throw pillows at you in the morning so you’ll wake up and I don’t have to listen to your foghorn alarm go off for 20 minutes.

Thank you for ruthlessly killing every ant you see with Germ-X.

Thank you for letting my half of the room be messy sometimes, and for telling me when it is absolutely time to take a shower.

I wonder which side is mine?

I wonder which side is mine?

Thank you for letting me have my grumpy days and never bulldozing me, even though I know there are times when you just want to furiously clean my side of the room.

Thank you for adding a little bit of Lilly Pulitzer to my life, and thanks for letting me add a little bit of boho-chic to yours.

My kind of Lilly Pulitzer vs. the Ellie and Alexandra kind of Lilly Pulitzer

My kind of Lilly Pulitzer vs. the Ellie and Alexandra kind of Lilly Pulitzer

Most of all, thank you for being you. Living without you is unthinkable, and I am so grateful that you sent me that text on June 28th, 2015, at 11:23 am.

Chi O and Tri Delt -- living apart next year, unsure of what to do without each other

Chi O and Tri Delt — living apart next year, unsure of what to do without each other


your messy, scatterbrained, late, nap-loving roommate

#ThrowBackThursday, #FlashbackFriday

Everyone knows that the only reason you go abroad is so that you have an awesome Instagram and Facebook feed for pretty much the rest of your life. The countless #ThrowBackThursday’s and #FlashbackFriday’s will give you any excuse you might need to force photos of you in exotic (Western European and also maybe Prague) locations upon all your followers and friends, and they will endure this most likely for the rest of your life. Or until your children go abroad (and if my mother is any indication of this) and then I will start sharing photos of my children abroad, to a similar group of followers and friends. But amongst these photos abilities to reaffirm my coolness and ability to stay relevant, they also have a shockingly awesome ability to bring back old memories.

Second reason to go abroad, because a year later one of your professors will invite you over to their house to watch the videos of all of those #ThrowbackThursday photo’s that he took and put together and you will walk in the door to a big hug from his wife, and realize that you might have made some unexpected friends along the way. I thought coming back from Furman after two semesters abroad would be hard. There is just so much stimuli abroad, so many new things to discover, and so much learning outside of the classroom, so many beautiful sights you could never see in America, that I was afraid of reverse culture shock. Look it up it’s a thing. But I found myself busier than ever. I found myself trying to catch up on a year’s worth of missed sorority events, I found myself realizing I only had 3 semester left to take the approximately 28 classes that I just “couldn’t-leave-Furman-without-taking-because-this-class-was-the-best-class-ever-seriously-take-this-Molly”, so I found myself overloading, I found myself with not just more friends, but more Furman family that I had to constantly meal with, and that make my walk to anywhere on campus longer because I will inevitably see someone I know/love/miss-when-I-am-not-next-to-them-at-all-times, I found myself having to schedule dinners with my roommate, I found myself creating really long needlessly run on sentences because there is just too much life to fit into 4 years that my sentences have to be jammed packed, and I found myself not experiencing reverse culture shock.


The photo videos that I looked at today with my professors and my fellow sojourners made me miss abroad like no other. The photos of my friends currently abroad make me miss abroad like no other. But this beautiful weather, planning my classes for next semester, end of year visits with friends, and end of Furman visits with seniors, make me miss Furman like no other, and I am still here, sitting on campus as I write, and missing it like no other at the same time.  I know that this is a Furman Admissions blog, and that there is risk of me not sounding genuine, (if it is any consolation I will be the first to tell you that Furman was hard first semester #HereToTalkAboutHomeSicknessWhenYouNeedIt), but I will also be the first to tell you that when I walk to school on the wooded path behind the chapel everyday, I feel like an unreal world is unfolding in front of me, and I am walking to the fairytale land known as Furman, and in just 2.138 semesters I will be woken up (abruptly) from this spell and thrown into something much less magical. Abroad was wonderful, life changing, and I would do it a hundred more times, but I would do Furman indefinitely (yes, please, can I?).


Life Update

Midterms are finished and the semester is almost halfway over. It’s hard to believe that my second year at Furman will soon come to an end! With that being said, I have had so many new and amazing experiences at Furman this past year, and my summer plans couldn’t be more exciting; therefore, I think it is time for a life update!

To begin, I will be performing in Pauper Players’ Miscast Cabaret production (*insert shameless promotion* April 1st in Daniel Recital Hall at 10:00 pm… BE THERE). While I have performed with Pauper Players several times before as an orchestra pit musician, this will be my first time performing as a singer. I couldn’t be more excited!

Being a music major and someone who is extremely interested in the healthcare field (though I am no longer pre-med), I have a special appreciation for the clinical use of music therapy; therefore, I have decided to return to MedEx this summer in order to learn more about the possibilities of a career in music therapy. Performance and music education are still my primary interests; however, I believe in the importance of wearing many hats as a musician and, because of the recent rise of the use of music therapy in healthcare, music therapy may be a viable option for me to pursue as a career in the future.

Saving the best for last: after nearly pulling out my hair over audition tapes, I have been accepted into the National Orchestral Institute for 2016! Not only will I be able to work with faculty from top orchestras and universities across the United States, but I will also perform alongside talented musicians (both at the undergraduate and graduate level) and participate in seminars and masterclasses, all to become a better musician, myself. If you need to find me during the month of June, I will be somewhere on the University of Maryland’s campus either practicing or rehearsing!

Gar’s Anatomy

I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, I’ve had to remind myself that I have never been Seattle and I should definitely not switch my major to pre-med. Okay, actually I’ve been watching too much (I’m watching it right now). It’s a problem, I know. I’m actually going to start a support group for others like me that are addicting to Shonda Rhimes. Any other takers?

But I do do (insert immature joke here) things other than watch TV. I know. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

IMG_0647On Saturday, I went to Delta Gamma formal with one of my best friends. It was so great, and so much fun. Look at how happy we pretend to be in front of the camera. She’s the Leslie to my Donna.

For my film studies class, we watched Psycho. It was the first time I’ve seen it. Before you start freaking out, I know, what kind of film studies minor has never seen one of the most iconic American films ever? I’m the worst. But now I’ve seen it, and it was so GREAT. If we’re gonna be real honest, I had low expectations for it since I didn’t like Bates Motel. Clearly, that was just a bad reboot. But, good job, Hitchcock.

Also, the rehearsal for my ten minute is going really well. I should probably learn my lines, but I still have a week left and it’s only 4 pages.

I think that’s about all for me. What’s new with you? You picked THAT team to win March Madness?! Yeah, no wonder why your bracket isn’t good. But, we all make mistakes, but stay wonderful and I’ll see ya next time.

So You Have a New Little…

IMG_0664Now what?

Having a little has been the best experience of my sophomore year thus far. Not only is she one of my best friends, but she is also always there for me through thick and thin. A big-little bond is unbreakable.

With that being said, sometimes it can be difficult to break the ice when paired with a little who you did not know very well before big-little week; therefore, here are a few things that you can do with your little, no matter how close you are.

1. Cry over boys. Nothing bonds two girls like the shared confusion over the male species. BAE broke your heart? Tell your little all about it; BAE probably broke her heart too.
2. WORKOUT TOGETHER. Seriously. Not only will you hold each other accountable, but you will make the time spent at the gym go by so much faster when you’re spending it with your other half. Also, you’re always guaranteed a spotter!
3. SHOP ‘til you DROP. Your little’s first formal is coming up and she will definitely want your opinion on THE DRESS.
4. You’re sorority girls. Do what you do best: go to STARBUCKS. Sip those skinny vanilla lattes with pride and catch each other up on life.
5. Raid each other’s Facebook accounts and like/comment on embarrassing photos from middle school. Be diligent; leave no grammatically incorrect post untouched.
6. If all else fails, marathon Grey’s Anatomy. Little doesn’t like Grey’s? She probably hasn’t seen it. Enlighten her.IMG_1032IMG_0910