Making Sense of Hurricane Sandy?

Image from NASA

There is no better time for this. We are just starting the topic of hurricanes and severe weather in our “EES 113: Natural Hazards and Natural Disasters” class and we got a perfect storm for case study.  Following are some resources that has been compiled to help understand why hurricane Sandy is so powerful and so feared.

  1. How do hurricanes form? – a nice BBC video clip that explains the basics
  2. Hurricane Sandy from Space – Incredible time-series animations of evolution of Sandy from Wired Science
  3. Full moon and Frankenstorm – how moon affects storm surge?
  4. Live – Hurricane track with various hazards marked map
  5. Why Sandy is so dangerous (nice video that goes over good details)
  6. Havoc as storms come ashore – NYT article with lots of photos
  7. Map showing wind speeds along Sandy’s path
  8. NPR News – All things considered
  9. Science of Sandy (NPR piece, not really science that you may be looking for)
  10. Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change – nice article from Huffington Post
  11. Hurricane Sandy swallows presidential campaign
  12. Sandy’s impact on election is uncertain
  13. Obama and Romney respond to Sandy
  14. New York State – a declared major disaster area

Feel free to contact Dr. Suresh Muthukrishnan with any questions or comments.

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