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Group Summary

In our research we found that the coverage of on the environment in society is more ubiquitous among social media than the more traditional media outlets. When we researched “solar AND wind” among four major newspapers in the past 3 months, only 9 stories came up in the results. Whereas we also found that […]

Sustained Renewability?

So what’s the word on the sustainability of renewable energy?

The New York Times ran an article earlier this year discussing some of the perks and costs associated with solar and wind.

While they are renewable, solar and wind alone do not produce enough energy alone because it is not always windy or sunny. […]

Affordable Green Homes

So we are talking about building green homes. That is, constructing living spaces that use less energy, conserve more water, and foster a more desirable sense of place. Well, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want such a house. The problem is not everyone can get one because:

As Sarah […]

A Warming Economy

“The politicization of science is tantamount to killing it.” – Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham.

As my fellow writers have noted, there is a lot of media attention concerning global warming/climate change initiatives at the policy level. Carbon emission regulations, mandated offset programs, etc. the list goes on. But, is forcing companies and peoples […]

The Cycles of Recycling

The History of Recycling, especially its relationship with the media is a story that is full of changing perceptions. Recycling has progressed significantly since the Chang Dynasty of China began recycling bronze into weapons in 200 B.C., then again, so has the mass media. Here are some of the highlights of their rocky relationship during […]

The Big Food Chain

What is the industrial food chain?

It is the cycle of food production and distribution that follows the assembly line method first made famous during the industrial revolution. It’s when a farmer in California grows oranges and ships them to a regional plant to be processed and packaged. From there, the oranges go to the […]