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Group Summary

In our research we found that the coverage of on the environment in society is more ubiquitous among social media than the more traditional media outlets. When we researched “solar AND wind” among four major newspapers in the past 3 months, only 9 stories came up in the results. Whereas we also found that […]

FU Sustainability

Sustainability has gained much fame in recent years and is the newest trend today. The media has a large part in pushing sustainability and encouraging individuals to be more sustainable. Furman is no exception. According […]

Energy Star in the Spotlight

We’ve all seen the commercials trying to sell washers and dryers to us, but lately the commercials all have one thing in common: Energy Star.

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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Global Warming is Heating up Hollywood

Global warming is one of the hottest issues in the media today. The issue is discussed heatedly in the political arena along with being a hot commodity in providing entertainment in Hollywood.

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I Want YOU to Recycle

Remember learning about the three R’s in elementary school? Remember reading books such as the Great Trash Bash? Remember watching television shows like Sesame Street and learning the importance of recycling? Through educational books and television shows is how most […]

To Go Organic or to Not Go Organic?

Organic is the newest fad in being green and healthy. It is available in most every supermarket and we see the USDA green seal almost everywhere. Many people believe that organic food […]