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Group Summary

In our research we found that the coverage of on the environment in society is more ubiquitous among social media than the more traditional media outlets. When we researched “solar AND wind” among four major newspapers in the past 3 months, only 9 stories came up in the results. Whereas we also found that […]

Always Low Prices..and Low Carbon Emissions?

Wal-Mart has taken heed from the new green sustainability kick and decided to push forth with their new sustainability initiative. Wal-Mart’s decision to go the sustainability route is not a new concept. Many companies such as Exxon Mobile have decided to move their companies towards the sustainability effort.

In their recent efforts to prove […]

Eco Home Sweet Home

Don’t think a house can help save the environment? Then you are sadly mistaken my friend. With the emergence of eco friendly homes, the world can see how the very materials and resources used to make a house not only effect the environment but can save it […]

Is It Hot Enough For Ya?

Wonder why it’s a little colder than usual in the winter? Why it’s a little too hot in the summer? The answer is global warming and climate change. Global warming and climate change are two subjects that have become major issues in the world today. Yet, many do not know the […]

Can There Ever Be Too Much Recycling?

Could recycling really hurt more than it helps the environment? There are some critics who believe that recycling in excess can be detrimental to society. One of those people is Daniel Benjamin an economist who wrote an article titled “Eight Great Myths of Recycling.” In this article he describes the […]

Oh How Your Food Travels!

Fresh produce at a local farmer’s market

Many people when eating a banana or a carrot do not think about what it takes for their food to make it to the grocery store for them to buy and eat. However, this should be of great concern to all of us because the more […]