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About Us

“The Environment:” a loaded term. It can evoke strong emotions from people, both positive and negative; memories of a beautiful landscape, or maybe disgust towards politicians and scientists who try to motivate through fear. Presently, people bring “the environment” into discussions without any clear idea of what they mean. Our aim is not to add to the ambiguity, but to bring clarity through integration of the environment and society. This is who we are:

Martha Brown

Kayla Lattimore

TJ Fleming

Mikki Rosmarin

Sarah Caldwell

In this blog we will tackle present day issues within the environmental movement: food, sustainability, green building, global warming, and recycling. We will look at the facts, the environmental processes, the key discussions, and the presence of different mass media outlets surrounding each topic. Also, we will deal with how each ecological issue fits into the larger framework of the environment of society. We are interested to see if fostering more environmentally healthy practices affects the overall health of human society for the better or the worse. To frame this discussion, we will look to what others are saying through various mass media outlets such as scientific studies, scholarly journals, books, movies, social media, etc. We want to understand how mass media are setting the environmental agenda, and more importantly, based on the facts, are they getting it right?