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Are You Ready to Bond With Nature Again?


The popular push in society today is to live green. Whether it is using florescent light bulbs because they save energy or buying reusable bags for groceries, the world has moved to the green side. Going green has had such an enormous effect on our world. But what happens when we die? Will we as individuals have made a big enough dent in the green world to stop deforestation, global warming, and crumpling of the o-zone? We don’t need to worry ourselves anymore, because with green funerals, dying can be green.

There are roughly 56 million people that die worldwide each year. This means 50 million trees are cut down and used for funeral coffins and the fixes, which releases 8 million tons of carbon dioxide. By the year 2020, the percentage of mercury will increase to 25 percent from cremating because of the burning of fillings in teeth. Most people don’t realize the coffins and vaults they buy slow down the rate of decomposition.

So how do we go green when we die?  This natural process of returning to nature can be made through the preservation of the body and having a green ceremony.

  • Avoid embalming. It slows down the process of decomposition
  • Use cardboard, bamboo, or jute coffins which are biodegradable
  • Use recycled paper for programs and hymns
  • Buy flowers from local growers
  • Have people carpool to the funeral
  • Provide organic refreshments
  • Decompose of body using My Living Reef

For any other questions regarding green funerals or for more information, there is a Green Burial Council. This council is working, trying to make green burial a national standard.

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