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Group Summary

In our research we found that the coverage of on the environment in society is more ubiquitous among social media than the more traditional media outlets. When we researched “solar AND wind” among four major newspapers in the past 3 months, only 9 stories came up in the results. Whereas we also found that […]

Sustained Renewability?

So what’s the word on the sustainability of renewable energy?

The New York Times ran an article earlier this year discussing some of the perks and costs associated with solar and wind.

While they are renewable, solar and wind alone do not produce enough energy alone because it is not always windy or sunny. […]

Always Low Prices..and Low Carbon Emissions?

Wal-Mart has taken heed from the new green sustainability kick and decided to push forth with their new sustainability initiative. Wal-Mart’s decision to go the sustainability route is not a new concept. Many companies such as Exxon Mobile have decided to move their companies towards the sustainability effort.

In their recent efforts to prove […]

FU Sustainability

Sustainability has gained much fame in recent years and is the newest trend today. The media has a large part in pushing sustainability and encouraging individuals to be more sustainable. Furman is no exception. According […]

Green Eggs and Ham to Green Gas in Car

Would you fuel your car with this?

In the 1960’s when the book Green Eggs and Ham was released, going green indicated the color of a child’s face when they were too sick to go to school. Yet when the story about taking something natural, like ham and eggs, and turning it […]

Sustainability and its Economic Functions

What is sustainability or something that is sustainable?

While there are many definitions, the two seem most relevant are:

1. From New Zealand’s Ministry of Economic Development:


A movement towards redesigning the ways society’s needs and wants are met so that they can be accommodated within the long-term carrying capacity […]

Eco Home Sweet Home

Don’t think a house can help save the environment? Then you are sadly mistaken my friend. With the emergence of eco friendly homes, the world can see how the very materials and resources used to make a house not only effect the environment but can save it […]

Affordable Green Homes

So we are talking about building green homes. That is, constructing living spaces that use less energy, conserve more water, and foster a more desirable sense of place. Well, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want such a house. The problem is not everyone can get one because:

As Sarah […]

Solar Power!

Solar panels are very instrumental in the process of building a green home. says, “Solar panels (arrays of photvoltaic cells) make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy.”

According to, you must have a roof that has the correct orientation […]

Energy Star in the Spotlight

We’ve all seen the commercials trying to sell washers and dryers to us, but lately the commercials all have one thing in common: Energy Star.

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