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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Global Warming is Heating up Hollywood

Global warming is one of the hottest issues in the media today. The issue is discussed heatedly in the political arena along with being a hot commodity in providing entertainment in Hollywood.


An Inconvenient Truth

Academy Award winner for Best Documentary, this movie is based on Al Gore’s personal journey, this movie gives us facts and future predictions of global climate change. This documentary film shows us that this is no longer a political issue, but a moral one as well.

Fact or Fiction?

An Inconvenient Truth is an eye opening experience of the effects of global warming. But are the issues present in the movie accurate?

  • According to Washington Post journalist Robert J. Samuelson this movie gives us an illusion that we know enough to solve the problem. He says we can’t do much about it until we’ve discovered new technology.
  • The facts presented in the film seem to be mostly correct, according to National Geographic.
  • On the other hand, information presented by Al Gore at the recent Copenhagen climate change summit are questionable according to a New York Times article. This clouds our judgement on his accuracy during the film.

It’s up to you to believe what’s presented in the film as accurate. Unfortunately, the only thing hot in this movie is the weather.


The Day After Tomorrow

This movie may show the chilling effects of global warming, but Jake Gyllenhaal brings enough heat to the screen to satisfy the viewers. The movie captures the thrilling story of a climatologist trying to save the world and his son after abrupt climate change unleashes cataclysmic weather patterns.

Fact or Fiction?

Although filled with special effects keeping the audience sitting on the edge of their seat, could events shown in the movie be a result of global climate change?

  • According to Jeffrey Masters, Ph. D, the movie is based on scientific fact that global climate change affects weather patterns but the sudden climate shift would not cause the instant weather disasters depicted in the movie.
  • The PEW Center on Global Climate Change agrees that the extreme weather depicted in the film is not realistic.

This movie has made over the issue of global warming Hollywood-style. According to CNN and MSNBC this movie spurred many questions and concerns over the issue.

Is the Fear Justified?

  • More than 14,000 people died in France in 2003 because of a heat wave
  • 160,000 people are dying every year from extreme weather conditions, and this number is estimated to double by 2020

Climate change definitely provides Hollywood with good material that will attract viewers. Could this be our future?

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