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I Want YOU to Recycle


Remember learning about the three R’s in elementary school? Remember reading books such as the Great Trash Bash? Remember watching television shows like Sesame Street and learning the importance of recycling? Through educational books and television shows is how most kids learn about the importance of recycling. But now that we are grown up, what are the real benefits of recycling and how are some practical ways to apply the education we learned about in elementary school?

Top 10 Reasons to Recycle (According to the EPA and the National Recycling Coalition)

1.Recycling reduces the need for landfilling and incineration

2. It saves energy

3. Conserves natural energy such as water and timber

4. Decreases emissions of greenhouse gases

5.  Protects and expands U.S. Manufacturing jobs

6. Increases U.S. Competiveness

7. Protects wildlife

8. Reduces waste

9. Good for the environment

10. Helps sustain the environment for future generations!

So we know recycling is both beneficial and useful. Numerous publications, such as Recycling Today magazine help inform consumers about the latest issues concerning recycling. The media also informs citizens on steps companies are taking in helping recycle. For example, according to Greentech Enterprise, Sony launched Greenfill, a place where consumers can bring their old electronics and recycle them. This positive press helps to encourage citizens to recycle on a daily basis.

So What Can YOU Do as a Furman Student?

  • Look for the blue recycling bins in the Dining Hall and PalaDen to dispose of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper
  • Ask your RA about putting a recycling bin in your room
  • Dispose of recyclable items in the marked bins by the dumpsters!
  • Buy recycled products

What do I recycle?

The NRC says the top 5 items to recycle are:

1. Aluminum

2. PET plastic bottles

3. Newspaper

4. Corrugated cardboard

5. Steel cans

All of the recycled items at Furman are collected every week and transported to the recycling center where distributers can sort them and give them to manufacturers who can turn them into useful products.

It’s so easy a caveman could do it! So start recycling!!

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