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It’s Trendy to Save the Environment!

Supporting world peace and world hunger was so 5 years ago. Now, the trendy thing to support is the cause for global warming! Don’t get me wrong, there are still billions of us out there supporting numerous causes. Just look for the ‘Coexist’ and ‘Save the ta-tas stickers… on the back of our Toyota […]

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Global Warming is Heating up Hollywood

Global warming is one of the hottest issues in the media today. The issue is discussed heatedly in the political arena along with being a hot commodity in providing entertainment in Hollywood.

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Suppress the Will to Till

One very little known fact about global warming prevention is that soil plays a significant part in the process. Simply put, soil retains carbon dioxide that would normally be in the air. Therefore, the tilling soil may actually hurt the environment. According to a Fairfax County document, no-till practices can be a good short-term […]

A Warming Economy

“The politicization of science is tantamount to killing it.” – Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham.

As my fellow writers have noted, there is a lot of media attention concerning global warming/climate change initiatives at the policy level. Carbon emission regulations, mandated offset programs, etc. the list goes on. But, is forcing companies and peoples […]

Is It Hot Enough For Ya?

Wonder why it’s a little colder than usual in the winter? Why it’s a little too hot in the summer? The answer is global warming and climate change. Global warming and climate change are two subjects that have become major issues in the world today. Yet, many do not know the […]

The Cycles of Recycling

The History of Recycling, especially its relationship with the media is a story that is full of changing perceptions. Recycling has progressed significantly since the Chang Dynasty of China began recycling bronze into weapons in 200 B.C., then again, so has the mass media. Here are some of the highlights of their rocky relationship during […]

A “Com-Post”

According to, composting is a process in which solid organic materials are broken down by micro-organisms in the presence of oxygen. Biosolids are mixed with sawdust, wood chips or other organic material. High temperatures generated during this process kill harmful micro-organisms. A rich, soil-like product is the end result.

Composting is something that […]

I Want YOU to Recycle

Remember learning about the three R’s in elementary school? Remember reading books such as the Great Trash Bash? Remember watching television shows like Sesame Street and learning the importance of recycling? Through educational books and television shows is how most […]

Can There Ever Be Too Much Recycling?

Could recycling really hurt more than it helps the environment? There are some critics who believe that recycling in excess can be detrimental to society. One of those people is Daniel Benjamin an economist who wrote an article titled “Eight Great Myths of Recycling.” In this article he describes the […]

Don’t Hate, Donate!

Organizing clothing donations for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Everyone wonders why teenagers are so difficult to handle. Maybe it is because they don’t have the latest cell phone, the newest John Mayer album downloaded on their iPod, or mom refused to buy the expensive pair of sneakers that everyone at school is wearing. […]