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Anti-Immigration Media Coverage

National security is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the news today, as many different media sources cover this subject from varying points of view.  Immigration, specifically illegal immigration, is one of these widely visible issues.  Much of this coverage relates to the problems caused by immigration to the United States, with many anti-immigration organizations publishing articles about this problem.  While the audience is clearly aware that these groups are biased, the media that they produce is often very convincing as they concentrate on the ways in which immigration negatively affects their readers on a personal level.  By claiming that immigration hurts the economy and detracts from American heritage, these institutions directly relate the issue to the public, thereby winning over the audience’s support.

Anti-immigration rally

One of these institutions is RenewAmerica, a group claiming that “America must return to its founding principles if it is to survive.”  RenewAmerica writer Neil Brian Goldberg’s recent article “It is not Immigration!” focuses on this viewpoint, explaining how illegal immigration has harmed the United States as a whole. He urges readers to support laws that will:

  1. Seal borders more effectively
  2. Take serious offenders from prison and deport them to their countries of origin

Sources like this one are primarily persuasive and informational, as they attempt to convince readers to agree with their anti-immigration perspective.  In the past, immigration has not been a focal point for the media, however with growing global awareness, national security now relates to immigration much more.  An increase in globalization has in turn created political controversy over this issue, as producers of mass media take opposing sides while reporting about the immigration debate.  Institutional sources, although biased, provide in-depth information for audiences as they persuade readers to agree with their viewpoint.

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