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Online Travel

Planning your next trip? Do you first open up the internet browser and google cheep flights? Or log into Expedia or Travelocity and plan your flights, rental cars, and hotel all in one? Today, technology and increased internet capabilities travel online has become fast, easy, and cheep. All things us Americans are looking for now! […]

Worth the tank?

How many times do you fill up your tank of gas? Most American’s fill up their cars at least once a week. Between daily commutes, errands, and vacations we use our cars all the time. A Professor from the University of Southern California has investigated how the price of gas effects our spending habits. In […]

Cyber Travel?

The current American economy has had its ups and downs causing many to not afford traveling or vacationing. Also, the airline industry has taken people on a new ride. Its rough take off since 9/11 has ricocheted into other travel industries. All of these problems have affected how the travel industry promotes itself.

Technology has […]

Food: Wal-Mart For Dinner!

Americans are gripping their wallets with tight fists as they wade out the current recession. But Americans aren’t just concerned about saving money. American adults have to work as many hours as possible to pay the bills and afford the necessities, so time is more valuable than ever. Leisure time is particularly precious during such […]