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Media, Money, and the Future

As we learned in our research, Americans are undoubtedly aware of the current economic struggles. And large companies aren’t oblivious to this either. The reminders pervade media forms of all kinds: newspaper headlines, popular rap song lyrics, credit card commercials, etc.

Although we focused on different American industries, we have all seen […]

Green Grass to Greener Bank Accounts

Sports evolved over the 2oth century in numerous ways, perhaps the most influential has been the growth of player salaries and how that has transformed players from childhood heroes into superstar celebrities. This is not to say that professional athletes are not the same good ol’ boys fans loved to cheer for because we undoubtedly […]

How the recession will change viewership for the average sports fan.

All around the country, sports fans and teams have been affected by the recession, especially when it pertains to attendance. We take a look at the new stadiums being built around the country and in particular, New York City. The Mets and Yankees, of Major League Baseball have just completed their first seasons in their […]