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Media, Money, and the Future

As we learned in our research, Americans are undoubtedly aware of the current economic struggles. And large companies aren’t oblivious to this either. The reminders pervade media forms of all kinds: newspaper headlines, popular rap song lyrics, credit card commercials, etc.

Although we focused on different American industries, we have all seen […]

Cheers to Some Economic Bright Spots

Without a crystal ball, it’s impossible to know just when the food industry will recover from economic stress. As of right now, there are a few promising signs of a turnaround. According to the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies website, in December 2009, “the National Restaurant Association’s comprehensive index of restaurant […]

In US Food Industry, Cheap Can Be Tricky

Any American can tell you that competition is key in a strained economy – for jobs, for the lowest prices, etc. The claws are out as people across the country go to extremes to make and save money. It’s not just the individuals who are competing, but the American businesses, as well.


Fast Food Banks on Cheap and Fun

Fast food is famous for being quick and cheap. And these days, cheap is chic. So fast food companies like Burger King and Taco Bell are rolling out the bargains and highlighting these money-saving specials any way that they can. Taco Bell called in Charles Barkley in their recent “Five Buck Box” commercials to entice […]

For US Consumers, Coupon Cutting is Cool

Everybody needs to get food and groceries. There’s simply no way around it. But a number of recent articles show that people are cutting back on groceries and stressing out about saving some money on those mandatory grocery runs.

In November 2009, Caroline Scott-Thomas of Food Navigator USA.com published an article about […]

Food: Wal-Mart For Dinner!

Americans are gripping their wallets with tight fists as they wade out the current recession. But Americans aren’t just concerned about saving money. American adults have to work as many hours as possible to pay the bills and afford the necessities, so time is more valuable than ever. Leisure time is particularly precious during such […]