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Media, Money, and the Future

As we learned in our research, Americans are undoubtedly aware of the current economic struggles. And large companies aren’t oblivious to this either. The reminders pervade media forms of all kinds: newspaper headlines, popular rap song lyrics, credit card commercials, etc.

Although we focused on different American industries, we have all seen […]

The Future of Entertainment: YouTube and Hulu?

The 2009-2010 economic downturn has without a doubt impacted virtually every sector of the entertainment marketplace, it has also accelerated and intensified the digital migration among both providers and consumers of content. Direct digital distribution is beginning to surface as a major way of providing movies to audiences online. According to the Houston Chronicle:

“a […]

CDs vs. Digital: The Future of the Music Industry

We’ve already seen that most music is advertised through a digital platform, such as commercials for smart-phones, MP3 players, or online subscription services. Yet you hardly see an ad for CDs anymore. Has the shift finally occurred from compact to digital?

According to the New York Times, the movement has already started with Atlantic Records:


Economic Times Will Change…Sports Will Always Endure

The recession proved to be a devastating event for any business, individual, and conglomerate alike. We all had to cut back and monitor our spending in some way, shape or form. Sports however, depending on the team and its ownership, varied in terms of spending cuts and whether or not they were truly affected by […]

Travel’s Future

As we all know, the travel industry was hit hard by economic downturn. Jobs were lost, airlines filed for bankruptcy, and families stopped going on vacations. All of these aspects have changed the travel industry for the time being. These startling numbers seems drastic at first, but when you consider the travel industry it is […]

Cheers to Some Economic Bright Spots

Without a crystal ball, it’s impossible to know just when the food industry will recover from economic stress. As of right now, there are a few promising signs of a turnaround. According to the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies website, in December 2009, “the National Restaurant Association’s comprehensive index of restaurant […]

From Ray-Ban Glasses to Reese’s Pieces: Product Placement on the Big Screen

Could it be the end of the long held relationship between marketers and entertainment producers? Advertisers are shifting from television to digital media. An increasing number of marketers are using social and digital media to reach certain demographics and raise brand awareness.

“Many media and entertainment subsectors have been hurt by the fall […]

Green Grass to Greener Bank Accounts

Sports evolved over the 2oth century in numerous ways, perhaps the most influential has been the growth of player salaries and how that has transformed players from childhood heroes into superstar celebrities. This is not to say that professional athletes are not the same good ol’ boys fans loved to cheer for because we undoubtedly […]

Airline Merging Help or Hurt?

As today’s economy has its ups and downs the airline industry if constantly fighting to gain loyalty and support. This is something that is hard to do when flights are constantly delayed, service is bad, and flights have to be re-directed on a daily basis. The industry itself has to juggle increased prices in fuel […]

P2P: Past 2 Present

It’s interesting to see how music has evolved to adapt to the changing economy. I mean, let’s be honest – it’s always been a game of money. But it’s also been about quality and convenience. P2P (peer-to-peer) networks understood all of these concepts when it came to music (among other things), which is why they […]