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View From The Cheap Seats

The scalping of sports tickets around countless venues across the country has been going on for years. Since authorities have cracked down on scalpers, fans looking for a cheaper ticket have had to search for other means of finding such goods. The emergence of such entities as ticketmaster.com and stubhub.com have revolutionized the business of ticket sales and ticket resales. Fans now have the opportunity to buy tickets at not only cheaper prices but they can get tickets that are sold out in box offices and on team websites.

“The convergence of sports and entertainment has been occurring for quite some time,” said David Carter, executive director of the Sports Business Institute. “But there’s been very little research about the implications of this convergence for companies and consumers, especially sports fans. Our project will address these implications and demonstrate where the business opportunities will be going forward.”

The project will feature a series of briefings to update founding partners, institute advisory board members, and others on the progress of research, capped by a two-day summit laying out findings and implications of the work.


Such sites like stubhub.com have seen substantial rises in sales due to the economic recession and have provided the casual fan with more of an opportunity to go out and watch their heroes play our pastimes in some of the greatest venues in all the world. Stubhub.com is an entity and a phenomenon that has changed the way people access the sporting world and will continue to allow the pedestrian fan to enjoy the entertainment provided us by American sports.

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