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How the recession will change viewership for the average sports fan.

All around the country, sports fans and teams have been affected by the recession, especially when it pertains to attendance. We take a look at the new stadiums being built around the country and in particular, New York City. The Mets and Yankees, of Major League Baseball have just completed their first seasons in their new state of the art stadiums. Both these stadiums have cut back on regular grandstand seating and upgraded with significantly more luxury boxes. The New York Giants and Jets of the National Football League are set to open a brand new stadium for the 2010 season and much of the same is the case in terms of luxury boxes as is with the baseball stadiums. Now it’s not necessarily the overall attendance that is going to be affected or has been effected, what is being affected is the average joe or middle-lower class family who is unable to purchase tickets due to the ridiculous overpricing of grandstand seating.

Both the NFL and MLB have enjoyed record numbers for attendance, which has showed that the recession does not affect sports conglomerates as it does other sectors but we once again need to pay attention to the average fan. Sports are a huge part of our country and our everyday entertainment. We must not lose the element of the average fan in our society.

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