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Cyber Travel?

plane-travelThe current American economy has had its ups and downs causing many to not afford traveling or vacationing. Also, the airline industry has taken people on a new ride. Its rough take off since 9/11 has ricocheted into other travel industries.  All of these problems have affected how the travel industry promotes itself.

Technology has changed the face of advertising. Before, a local travel agent would advise about your next vacation. With internet anyone can research for their vacation in the comfort of their home. Also, you don’t have to pay someone to do that work for you which is why travel agents were the first to go when families and individuals started cutting out unnecessary costs. In Ulrike Gretzel article for the Journal of Travel Research he explores how the web is the future for advertising. Companies are creating blogs where people can write about their experience and even upload photos! Marriott International has used this idea and started Mr. Marriott’s blog. However, Gretzel states that because technology changes so quickly:

“It is difficult for most marketing organizations, to keep pace with the evolution of new technologies…, the changes in the consumer market, and growing competition due to increasing globalization”.

Globalization is due to the fact that  boundaries can be hopped quickly and easily. Allowing individuals to form their own communities  based on travel interest or destinations. Travel corporations are experimenting  how to appeal to interest groups by attacking it with many different advertising strategies like search engine optimization and banner ads with Google. How are these strategies going to play out? Get ready for the ride!

1 comment to Cyber Travel?

  • gbudd

    It’s interesting to see how digital technology is changing the way in which many industries function in a hurting economy. With the recession, the travel industry and many others are looking to reach as many consumers as possible, and the Internet is proving to be just the tool. Not only do messages reach a broad audience, but the companies putting out the ads save money. They don’t have to worry about the expensive print ads and mailings of “the old days.”

    Consumers clearly love it, too. The average American can browse for bargains on groceries, getaways, and everything in between. On top of that, there are online communities and blog discussions to facilitate any consumer quest.

    This also plays into the average American’s desire to save time while saving money that I explored in my entry on the food industry. People can do research and purchase all the items that they need in one computer surfing session. No need to rush from person to person and store to store for the information and products – it’s all at your fingertips!