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Is Buying a 3-D TV Worth the Dent in Your Wallet?

3-D TV is back! And electronic manufacturers are pumping millions into marketing the new technology.

The New York Times reported:

“Samsung is spending about $100 million this year on marketing and advertising its 3-D products. That included promoting its 3-D line with a Black Eyed Peas concert in Times Square on March 10.”


Cashing in on Convergence: Apple is a Winner

As the music industry struggles with CD sales, file sharing, etc., one company has seemed to overcome all obstacles to keep its sales in the black. Who could it be?

Surprise surprise, Apple has managed to create such a successful product, it actually does a lot of the work in selling the rest of […]

View From The Cheap Seats

The scalping of sports tickets around countless venues across the country has been going on for years. Since authorities have cracked down on scalpers, fans looking for a cheaper ticket have had to search for other means of finding such goods. The emergence of such entities as ticketmaster.com and stubhub.com have revolutionized the business of […]

Online Travel

Planning your next trip? Do you first open up the internet browser and google cheep flights? Or log into Expedia or Travelocity and plan your flights, rental cars, and hotel all in one? Today, technology and increased internet capabilities travel online has become fast, easy, and cheep. All things us Americans are looking for now! […]

Fast Food Banks on Cheap and Fun

Fast food is famous for being quick and cheap. And these days, cheap is chic. So fast food companies like Burger King and Taco Bell are rolling out the bargains and highlighting these money-saving specials any way that they can. Taco Bell called in Charles Barkley in their recent “Five Buck Box” commercials to entice […]

Will 3D Films Continue to Top the Box Office Charts?

“So much has already been written about how Avatar was made–how it took nearly five years and a reported $300 million to complete, how Cameron shot nearly the whole thing in a barren airplane hangar he nicknamed the Volume, how he invented his own ‘performance capture’ cameras that could seamlessly sew human actors into a […]

The (Mis)behavior of Music Consumers

It’s unlikely to hear of music consumers who have never downloaded at least one song illegally. Whether through P2P networks such as the old Napster or Kazaa, through bit-torrent programs, or from some random website hosting download-able mp3s.

However, there are those few who are still loyal to the bands they hear. But even so, […]

The Burden of Advertising Through Major Sporting Events

This summer, the 2010 Fifa World Cup will take place in South Africa for the first time. ESPN, with the help of many others, will begin to study consumer behavior as it relates to consumer consumption of major sporting events. The hope is to one day find a way to help advertisers grow their companies […]

Worth the tank?

How many times do you fill up your tank of gas? Most American’s fill up their cars at least once a week. Between daily commutes, errands, and vacations we use our cars all the time. A Professor from the University of Southern California has investigated how the price of gas effects our spending habits. In […]

For US Consumers, Coupon Cutting is Cool

Everybody needs to get food and groceries. There’s simply no way around it. But a number of recent articles show that people are cutting back on groceries and stressing out about saving some money on those mandatory grocery runs.

In November 2009, Caroline Scott-Thomas of Food Navigator USA.com published an article about […]