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Hometown: Simpsonville, SC

Wynne is a senior majoring in Theatre Arts. She has big dreams to star on Broadway, and then work on a few Indie films with her girl Zooey Deschanel before settling down, adopting five dogs and teaching high schoolers about theatre. In the meantime, she’s gonna emote a lot during her senior year and share about it on the internet all while partaking in dance parties, Cook Out milkshakes and infinite laughing attacks.

A love letter to the people that MAKE The Playhouse

On Furman’s campus, tucked away behind McAlister Auditorium, you’ll find a little tin building called The Playhouse. It’s not much, but it’s home to me and around 30 other theatre majors. What makes this place so special, are it’s colorful inhabitants i.e. The faculty of the theatre department. They are some of the wittiest, kindest, […]

Quarter-life Crisis? No Problem!

Life is interesting. I don’t really remember a time when college wasn’t at the forefront of all of my goals. My parents both graduated from UGA, so I grew up going to Georgia games in Athens, tailgating with pimento cheese sandwiches and seeing all of the giddy excitement in all of the college students. Even […]

Hey! It’s nice to meet ya! (An introduction blog) #furmanforthewynne

Hello there, Paladins! Time to get to know each other a bit! Name: My name is Kenzie Wynne.  My full name is McKenzie but nobody really calls me that. I usually go by “kenz” my grandfather calls me “mac” and honestly I’ll answer to anything! I had a friend once who tried to make “Big […]