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Hometown: Carrollton, Ga

Kat is a freshman undecided in her major (but she tells her family a double major in English and Mass Communications so they won’t worry). Her mom calls her a mermaid because she is a PADI Rescue Scuba Diver, a lifeguard, a free-diver, and a competitive swimmer. Her dream job would be to one day work for National Geographic, but until then, you can always find her in a local coffee shop reading a fantastic book or watching Netflix.

The Ultimate Furman Survival Guide

Follow these easy steps to not only survive freshman year but thrive. (These are actual tips from actual students passing on their wisdom.) “Bring a toothbrush.”-Will “Don’t over commit but be involved to three or four clubs you are passionate about.” -Liv “Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to a random person.”- Avery “Be intentional […]

A professor of FULOSOPHY

Meet the professors and students that make Furman amazing! This blog series is about the dedicated faculty and student body on Furman Campus.  This week I had the privilege of learning about the Furman Philosophy department where I interviewed Professor Sarah Worth! Hope you enjoy and please comment any questions you have about the Philosophy […]

Kat Denney #paladenney

Name: Katherine Denney, but my pals call me Kat:) Hometown: Carrollton, GA Graduation Year: Class of 2020!!!!! Major: Kinda Undecided but I have an interest in journalism and writing! Student Organization?             I’m a Freshmen Representative for the Heller Service Corps and it’s so awesome because I am able to impact the Greenville community and […]