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Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents Next to watching your child pass their road test and officially receive a government issued ID, witnessing their choice of college can be just as scary. Over the past 17 years, they have actually…grown up. As you watch their daily routine: getting ready for school, studying for a test, and making it […]

Application decision to choose

So, fall is here and it is THAT time—time to apply to colleges! What could be more fun, right? Well, the good thing is there are several application decision plans to choose from, depending on how far along in your college search you are. You are probably wondering which decision plan is the best way […]

Application Tips

Application tips. “What an ambiguous topic,” you say. How can one go wrong, guided by the required fields and checkmarks in the Common Application? Where are the ambiguities in providing biographical information? What finesse is there to be had in listing my extracurricular activities? Filling out a “form” such as the Common Application seems like […]