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Hometown: Mount Pleasant, SC

Emily Pruitt is a freshman. With a love for both the arts and kids, she plans to double major in education and studio art in order to become a high school art teacher. If her dreams actually could come true, she would love to be a professional photographer for a big magazine or newspaper. In her free time, you will most likely find her wandering around campus taking photos, drinking iced coffee, or swooning over cute puppies.

So You’re in a Triple: Rooming 101

Whenever I tell someone I’m in a triple, they all have the same reaction.  There face becomes contorted and they remark “ooh…how is that going?” like it’s a bad thing. However, living in a triple for me has been a great experience this past year. When I first read my rooming assignment and saw that […]

Recruitment Recap

Earlier this month, I participated in Furman’s panhelenic recruitment process.  Let me tell you, when I say that, I am still shocked.  Coming into Furman, I was fully convinced that I would never, ever, be in a sorority.  Over my dead body would you catch me labeling myself and fitting into a cookie cutter mold […]

Dear Highschool Self

Dear Emily, You are probably sitting at your desk right now trying your best to stay focused in another boring history class.  I know how much you hate history. Right now you are about to make probably one of the most influential decisions in your life.  Well, maybe not that big, but still pretty important.  Choosing […]

An Introduction: #palapruitt

Name: Emily Pruitt Hometown: I was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina which is about 10 minutes outside of Charleston.  Home to breathtaking sunsets, long beach days, and some killer homemade southern cuisine, it’s definitely one of my favorite places. Graduation year:  Four years more to go, 2020.  I am super stoked to […]