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It’s a Saturday, the sun is out, and you are chillin’ by the lake in your Eno. Here’s a laid back Indie playlist for when you’re hanging out (ha puns!)

  1. Monday Loop// Tomppabeats — To kick things off is a recommendation from my good pal Chriss! this is why he loves it:

2. Holocene // Bon Iver — the most chill indie musician out there, perfect for zoning out and staring at the swans.

3. Punks and Poets // Elliot Root — I recently discovered Elliot Root and freaking love him! He is also a good listen for late night drives and road trips.

4. Vacation // Florist — it’s peppy and perky but chill at the same time, the banjo really brings it all together in my opinion. Plus, I’m just a sucker for a good banjo.

5. Jarmin in the Dark// Young Monks — this song gives you good vibes and a perfect atmosphere for swinging in the breeze by the lake.

6. Sunday Candy // Donnie Trumpet, The Social Experiment, & Chance the Rapper — no good playlist is complete without Chance.

7. Someone New // Hozier — As you watch people and their dogs walk along the lake you will find yourself falling in love with every single dog which is kinda what Hozier is talking about in this song.

8. first day of my life// gnash & Goody Grace — cute, simple, and perfect for cuddling 😉

9. Secret // Flearoy — this one is kinda groovy and I dig it!

10. Washing Dishes // Jack Johnson — Jack Johnson is the love of my life and absolutely perfect for any time or place but especially fitting for your chill time.

11. Brazil // Declan Mckenna — this kid Declan is the cutest and his music is super catchy. Brazil, in particular, is fun but yet laid back, go check out some of his other stuff!

12. Flowers in Your Hair // The Lumineers — How could you not put the Lumineers on an indie chill playlist?! And yet again, the banjo just gets me every time!

13. Stay Alive // José González — I first heard this song on the soundtrack of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and instantly downloaded it. It makes you really motivated and inspired!

14. Who Says // John Mayer — Other than Jack Johnson, John Mayer is the love my life!

15. Shakey Ground // Freedom Fry — There is also a remix of this song which is fantastic if you want something with more beats but this is the chill Eno version.

16. A Summer Song // Conner Youngblood — A perfect blend between traditional indie style and a little bit of Hip Hop influences sprinkled in.

17. Woodlands // The Paper Kites — a recommendation from Anna!: 

18. Pale Blue Eyes // The Velvet Underground — and to wrap things up is yet another recommendation from Jared, our local expert of Indie Chill.







Click here to listen to the full playlist on Spotify! Let us know what you think and if you have any songs you would’ve added!