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Once You Have Signed Your Letter of Intent.

So you have been accepted and have decided to attend THE Furman University. Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back. You certainly deserve it! You are probably super excited and posting your acceptance letter on Instagram and Twitter with #FurmanBound and the purple heart emoticon. Once that adrenaline dies down, you probably have a […]

So You’re in a Triple: Rooming 101

Whenever I tell someone I’m in a triple, they all have the same reaction.  There face becomes contorted and they remark “ooh…how is that going?” like it’s a bad thing. However, living in a triple for me has been a great experience this past year. When I first read my rooming assignment and saw that […]

Why I took ANOTHER organic chemistry class

I promise I am not crazy. Yes, I am an optimist, but not way too optimistic to the point of delusion. No, I did not enjoy taking organic chemistry, and I wouldn’t call myself a masochist for taking yet another organic chemistry class. Here’s the thing: I am going to graduate school, and from the […]

7 Things You Need to Have in Your Dorm

Welcome to college, and even more importantly, welcome to Furman. At Furman, you will be spending your next four years living and learning in the same place— on campus! During your first two years you’ll be living in a residence hall, and while they are spacious, keeping them organized without your mom there to let […]

Wait, Furman Students Plan T-Pain Concerts?

I have lived in the Greenville community for the past 10 years of my life. I grew up hearing about all the concerts that Furman has brought in the past few years. From Ed Sheeran to Drake, I could not believe the type of acts that Furman was bringing to the Greenville Area. I always […]

Chillin by the Lake- a playlist by Kat Denney

It’s a Saturday, the sun is out, and you are chillin’ by the lake in your Eno. Here’s a laid back Indie playlist for when you’re hanging out (ha puns!) Monday Loop// Tomppabeats — To kick things off is a recommendation from my good pal Chriss! this is why he loves it: 2. Holocene // Bon […]