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It’s the best night of the year, it’s the Heller Exceptional Adult Dance!

Every year around valentine’s day the Furman campus comes together for a night of dancing and fun with the Greenville special needs community. You eat a lot of candy, do the cupid shuffle, and meet some of the happiest and most loving people in Greenville. Heller Service Corps organizes the dance and decorates the Younts Conference center with red, pink, and white. I helped make the balloon arch (Shoutout to my freshman reps!!).

I might be biased when I say that Heller Service Corps is the best student organization on campus, but I mean it’s true! Heller Service Corps is probably one of the only organizations on campus that have such an impact not only on the community but on the students as well. Heller is the largest student organization on campus and won a national award from The National Center for Voluntary Action. Every year around 1800 students are involved with Heller in some way. Heller works with over 50 philanthropy organizations that are under nine Heller divisions which include: Community Concerns, Crisis Centers, Children’s Education, Medical, Special Needs, Hispanic Community Engagement, Animal Interest, Sustainability, Children’s Recreation, and International. I go to an afterschool program called Frazee once a week. I get to play with little kiddos, teach them to read and give them a positive outlet to unwind from a long day of school. These kids brighten my day every week and I look forward to going. Without Heller, I would have never found this community outside of Furman’s campus and be exposed to the struggles that many of my kids face every day. Heller has also given me a community on campus. The people who make up Heller are dedicated to serving others and making a difference in the lives of the people around them and my Furman experience wouldn’t be the same without it.