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The Furman Weekend

Furman is amazing but sometimes you just have to get off campus. Here’s your weekend cheat sheet for all things Greenville! Hiking!!!!!!!!! If you can’t tell by the exclamation points this is my personal favorite. Almost every Saturday my best pals and I hit up the great outdoors for a little detox. If you’re a […]

Recruitment Recap

Earlier this month, I participated in Furman’s panhelenic recruitment process.  Let me tell you, when I say that, I am still shocked.  Coming into Furman, I was fully convinced that I would never, ever, be in a sorority.  Over my dead body would you catch me labeling myself and fitting into a cookie cutter mold […]

What You Won’t Find in the College Brochure

I am sure by now you are tired of seeing a girl laughing at her textbook on the cover of every college brochure. When first applying to college, every single university made it look so easy. Like as soon as I entered the door I would have friends from all different backgrounds and that we […]

A guide to enjoying 4-day weekends #senior

Intro to your last college semester should be a class, where you learn how to modify your class schedule throughout your 4 years in college so that your last semester is full of impactful classes, and tons of hours of relaxation. For me, that “class” was offered by all my older friends, and I am […]

Dear Highschool Self

Dear Emily, You are probably sitting at your desk right now trying your best to stay focused in another boring history class.  I know how much you hate history. Right now you are about to make probably one of the most influential decisions in your life.  Well, maybe not that big, but still pretty important.  Choosing […]

The Ultimate Furman Survival Guide

Follow these easy steps to not only survive freshman year but thrive. (These are actual tips from actual students passing on their wisdom.) “Bring a toothbrush.”-Will “Don’t over commit but be involved to three or four clubs you are passionate about.” -Liv “Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to a random person.”- Avery “Be intentional […]