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Hello there, Paladins! Time to get to know each other a bit!


Name: My name is Kenzie Wynne.  My full name is McKenzie but nobody really calls me that. I usually go by “kenz” my grandfather calls me “mac” and honestly I’ll answer to anything! I had a friend once who tried to make “Big Mac” a thing so feel free to bring that back. I’ve always wanted a clever nickname that could double as a rapper name.


Hometown/Graduation Year: I’m from the hustling, bustling city of Simpsonville, South Carolina and I am a senior here at Furman set to graduate in May this year (oy vey!!)


Major: I’m a theatre arts major which is pretty freaking fun!


Name one student organization you are a part of:  I am on orientation staff here at Furman and it is definitely one of my favorite things I do here on campus. It’s basically all of the fun of a whole summer camp crammed into three days. It’s awesome. Plus, I get to work with some of my all-time favorite humans and get freshmen super excited for Furman! It’s just the best.


What is your favorite CLP you’ve attended and why: It’s hard to narrow down one favorite CLP, especially since all of the shows the theatre department puts on are CLPs and they are ALL my favorites! I did recently attend a CLP entitled “Good White People” which opened up a discussion about race and racism and how people deal with it. It was fascinating, though-provoking and convicting! All things a good CLP should be. Also, did I mention that every single show the theatre department puts on counts for a CLP?!? ‘Cause I really don’t know what sounds better than a night at the theatre and a CLP credit. 😉


Name three things in your apartment that you couldn’t live without: I’m supposed to name three things in my apartment that I couldn’t live without, but instead of things, I’ll name what’s important—my beautiful roomies! I absolutely could not live without Clare’s jokes and ability to make me cripple into laughter her mutual love for all things Broadway (did I mention she’s got pipes to rival Barbara Streisand?? Yeah I said it.) , her capability to give great bear hugs, Erin’s willingness to gush and gab and turn on music way too loud and dance around the living room, and Kristina’s coffee-making, banjo-playing, happy hippy vibes and her aptitude for keeping things sweet and tranquil. They are my pillars without whom I could not stand.


What’s your favorite class you’re taking this semester: My favorite class this semester is my Acting 3 class with Maegan Azar. There are only six of us in the class and we are all seniors. We’ve all basically grown up together in our four years here and it’s a really special time for us to hone in on our craft together, encourage one another, and sometimes just be a little goofy in the name of theatre and learning.


Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon: On a Saturday afternoon you can find me running away to the mountains as often as possible especially on pretty fall days. Or, I’m downtown eating. As far as hobbies go I’m pretty lucky because I’m majoring in my favorite hobby and I plan on making a career out of it too! But if I’m not in the theatre then I’m outside taking a hike or petting a stranger’s dog. Or I’m reading and writing. Or dancing around the apartment.


What part of campus/Greenville feels most like home to you: On campus the place that feels the most like home is the Playhouse. Probably because I spend upwards of about thirty hours in that building a week give or take a couple. I love that place a lot, not necessarily because the building is all that nice (it isn’t actually all that nice it’s kind of kooky in there to be honest and very old.), but mainly because the characters that inhabit it fill my life with more laughter and adventure and good conversation than anywhere else. I’ve always said it’s never the place that feels like home but the people that make it that way. The Furman Theatre professors and students are home to me.  In Greenville, the other place that feels like home to me is Trio. It’s a restaurant right on the corner of Coffee and Main and it’s my dad’s place. I’ve grown up there. Literally. It opened when I was barely a year old. There are a number of waiters and waitresses who babysat me…which is kind of weird I guess. Anyways, I love that place and if you’re into Italian food and big portions you should hit it up stat!


What are you most looking forward to this year: I’m most looking forward to just soaking all of this place up this year. It’s my last year at Furman, and I love this place and I intend to just enjoy every last second as much as I can while I can. During my time at Furman, I’ve come to find that the moments that are the sweetest and memorable are the ones that I never actually looked forward to, but rather the spontaneous drives to Paris Mountain or Cookout runs or the late night talks and walks around campus. The best moments are the ones we don’t see coming.


Describe Furman in 5 words:  Lasting memories in fleeting moments.


What’s your favorite meal served on campus: My favorite meal on Furman’s campus? That’s easy. Pizza, pizza, pizza. It’s reliable, it’s delicious and the line is always short. I’m a huge fan of no lines.


Name the last song you listened to: The last song I listened to is My Life, My Love by Family and Friends. It’s the perfect song for driving to Black Mountain on a crisp day with your windows rolled down. It’ll make ya wanna put on a flannel and smoke an old pipe and drink something that’s pumpkin-flavored.


Recommend a movie, a book, or a TV show we should all be reading/watching and why:  Everyone should be watching Gilmore Girls. They’re bringing back all-new episodes on November 25th. I’ve watched through the whole show countless times and it is just everything. Lorelei Gilmore is one hundred percent my spirit animal. Speaking of spirit animals, absolutely everyone should read Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery. Seriously it is the best. I would never steer you guys wrong. That book is like the comfort food of books.


If you were an emoji, which one would you be: If I were an emoji, I’d probably be the mushroom emoji. Because it’s little and whimsical and I’m short and I’ve been told I’m whimsical. 🙂


Remember to also follow my adventures on Instagram using #furmanforthewynne ! love & rockets <3

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