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It is spring of your senior year and your head is spinning with college decisions, spring break vacations, preparing for tests and exams, and oh…there’s prom. Here’s a list to help remind you of how to enjoy the best of both, your senior year and the anticipation of starting college in the fall!

10. Study – Let’s start here. Just because you received the good news from your dream college does not mean you stop doing your school work. You were chosen for your hard work and academic achievements. Don’t let that slip through your fingers. Furman professors will be ready to dig in after the summer.

9. Plan a family trip this summer – This will be the last summer of your childhood and one you will want to enjoy to the fullest. Talk to Mom and Dad about doing something as a family, whether that be a day at the park, a shopping trip, or if you’re lucky, a trip to Disney World!

8. Let Mom and Dad pamper you – Soon enough, they will be carting you off to college…and leaving you to fend for yourself. Moving into your dorm room is not that daunting, but in their minds, it may be. You are and always will be their child so let them shower you with love, affection and whatever else they may want to do for you. You will never be too grown up to receive this kind of love.

7. Time with Friends – Plan to have dinner or go to the movies with your friends. Your senior year has been absolutely crazy so use this time to connect, catch up and share excitements and concerns about what you think your first year of college will be like. You will be glad you did and maybe it will become a tradition to re-connect every year with these special friends.

6. Connect with Furman – Look for special ways to connect with current students and professors. We are all over social media including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Pinterest! The Freshmen Student Bloggers website is a great way to follow the experience of a first-year student. #furmanbound

5. Senior Day – The one day of the year when your high school recognizes you for the awesome class you are and lets you have some fun! Take pictures, participate in the activities, sign yearbooks and soak up every moment.

4. Plan your final college visits – Furman offers Accepted Student Day events as a great way to visit Furman in the spring, enjoy Greenville’s downtown, and get all your questions answered. Re-visit all admission and financial aid information and read the instructions so you know how to best proceed when you’re ready to share your final decision.

3. Go to prom – Prom is a fun way to enjoy time with your friends and is one of the last social gatherings with all of your childhood friends. If prom isn’t your thing, consider an alternative way to celebrate this fun time of year.

2. Commit to your college choice by May 1 – It is super important to communicate your decision to all the colleges you have been accepted to, those that you have chosen not to attend along with the institution that is excited to welcome you in the fall! Don’t forget to let your college counselor and other supportive community members know about your choice, as well. They have all been rooting for you and looking forward to hearing from you on your choice.

1. Enjoy high school graduation – This is a special milestone that will never be duplicated and an experience that you will look back on and remember forever. You and your classmates are all going in different directions and you don’t want to bypass it with the anticipation of college. Every member in your family has played a part in helping you achieve this accomplishment. Let them enjoy this time with you so you all can work toward the next graduation…from college!

Enjoy this spring. Go forth and be great. Furman will be waiting for you.

Allyson Brown – Assistant Director of Admission