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As of this post, admission applicants for Early Decision and Early Action programs at Furman have received their financial aid packages. Regular Decision applicants…. hang in there. We will email those on or about April 1st. So, once you have the numbers in front of you, what’s next?

First, your financial aid award email (we used to call them “letters” in the old, pre-email days) will give you the list of resources for which you qualify to help pay for some of your Furman expenses. These resources may include one or more of the following:

Now, there will be a paragraph that shows how much it costs to come to Furman for the 2015-16 year. Take that amount and subtract your scholarships, grants, and student loans, and you will see what the remaining costs are likely to be. This is only an estimate, though, since we don’t know your individual spending habits!!

Also in this paragraph, there will also be an indication of how much a parent may borrow via the PLUS loan, if that becomes necessary. A little less than 10% of our parents borrow through the PLUS loan.

Finally, you will see that you need to respond to us by May 1st. This is vitally important since we will likely reach our capacity by midnight May 1, so get that deposit in by that time!!

Furman’s financial aid office is more than just about money. We aim to listen and to build relationships over the four years most students are at Furman. That’s our goal. We don’t always get it right, but hopefully we improve each year. Let us know if you have questions or simply want to “chat” about financial aid at Furman, or anything else for that matter.

Go Paladins!!!

Forrest M. Stuart

AVP for Financial Aid